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Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay August 17th 2018

Notre dernier safari matinal à Erindi n’a pas été un grand succès. On avait encore comme guide l’équivalent sud-africain de notre cousin Miguel. On a fait la gaffe de lui dire qu’on n’était pas très intéressé à voir des lions ce matin, et il a alors cherché d’autres animaux qui ne se sont jamais pointés. Avec une demi-heure à faire, il a eu pitié et nous a donc emmenés voir des chiens sauvages en semi-captivité. L’un des animaux les plus laids de la savane. Nous sommes ensuite retournés au lodge pour un délicieux déjeuner et une dernière observation des hippos et des crocodiles dans le petit lac. On reprend ensuite la route vers Henties Bay, une petite station balnéaire perdue dans le brouillard au bord de l’Atlantique. En deux heures et 150km, la température passe de ... read more
Chien sauvage à Erindi
Chiens sauvages à Erindi
Petit safari matinal tranquil

Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay August 14th 2016

My turn to do the blog again today, as Rob has been unwell and was unable to come on our planned excursion to Sandwich Harbour. I made the short walk to the B&B on my own and almost jumped out of my skin when an Alsatian launched itself, barking, at a fence right beside me. I was picked up after breakfast by a real character of a guide and the next 8 hours was spent in his company along with a pleasant French family, M. et Mme. Vincent and their four boys. On the way to Walvis Bay our guide told us a lot about the local area, the history and social situation. For example a substantial coastal development between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay was originally built to accommodate uranium miners, but following a disaster the ... read more
Sandwich Harbour
One of those drops!
Springbok in the dunes

Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay May 8th 2016

It had been blowing a gale all night so it was no surprise when we went down for breakfast that the terrace where we had breakfasted the previous two days was closed and all the residents were enjoying their repast inside. This freak of nature is what is referred to as the sou'wester. The phenomenon is that the winds are not constant. There is calm before a gust of wind suddenly catches you off guard and it's then a case of 'hold on to your toupee!!' These gusts can be anything up to 50 or 60 mph. We settled the hotel bill and ordered a taxi to take us to the cruise terminal. 15 minutes later and £3.80 paid to the taxi driver we arrived at the departure lounge. The wind was still coming and going. ... read more
Chocolate dipped fruit- or what's left of them!!
Chris ready for a frame at the Crucible??!
Welcome to the Namib Dunes 2016!

Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay January 17th 2016

Walvis Bay, Namibia, Returning to the monetary / economic indicator, the exchange rate for Namibia was 14 to 1 making it a prosperous and developed country in comparison to others. Perhaps a heritage of its former colonial master Germany there was very little garbage or litter lying about. I cannot comment on the rest of the country but Walvis Bay and Swakopmud were very modern and prosperous. Swakopmud buildings continue to show its German heritage. Our first stop was Walvis Bay lagoon where flamingos are abundant. The next stop was Dune 7. On the drive there it appeared that we were paralleling a range of sand coloured mountains, not realizing that these were sand dunes. Taking the roard to Dune 7 we briefly got stuck in a sand drift. Fortunately there were six men there with ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay May 6th 2010

Today was a day of rest. As such, I slept in until 07h00, washed, dressed and headed off for breakfast. Whilst there were some other tourists in the room, I was the only one from our group. Taking coffee, bacon and eggs, I dined slowly ensuring that I finished at 08h00, the time at which my free day would start. Pieter arrived exactly on schedule. We shook hands and he let me to his car. Five minutes later, we were at another hotel where he collected six Germans. It appeared that I was going to spend my entire time in Southern Africa having to speak anything but English! Swakopmund was cold when we set off across the desert road to Walvis Bay. The entire journey was shrouded in mist, which is not uncommon in an area ... read more
Walvis Bay: Our Boat
Walvis Bay
Cape Cormorant

Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay April 26th 2010

This newly independent nation is one of the most stable countries in Africa. It takes hardy people to live in this harsh desert environment with its barren coastlines and migrating sand mountains. Namibia is called “the land God made in anger.” But the country is teeming with exotic wildlife and unique vegetation. For instance there are desert elephants and the Welwitschia mirabilis plant which can live for 1000 years. “Big Daddy” sand dune is supposed to be the highest dune in the world. Brad and Angelina awaited the birth of their daughter at the deluxe Burning Shore Resort just up the road from Walvis Bay. Our friend Hilda came face to face with a spitting cobra on her hotel room lanai while spending several nights on a desert safari. As soon as we entered Walvis Bay ... read more
Namib Desert
The Camel Team
Namibian Choral Group

Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay April 19th 2010

The Namib Desert is said to be the world’s oldest living desert and is what a real desert should look like. Some of the dunes rise over 1,000 feet above the surrounding desert plains. There are crescent shaped dunes that migrate up to 2 or 3 yards a year, covering and uncovering whatever crosses its path. There are fossil dunes that consist of ancient sand that solidified millions of years ago. Then there are the star-shaped dunes, formed by the multi-directional winds that tumble the sand back and forth. Today we chose the Swakopmund Sightseeing tour that left the ship at 8:30am. We drove along the coastal road and stopped for some fabulous flamingo photos. We then headed inland into the Namib Desert and stopped at Dune 7, the highest sand dune in the Walvis Bay ... read more
Skinny Legs
Up Closer
A Little Reflection

Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay April 18th 2010

After a relaxing day at sea and a fun Captain’s Party last night, we arrived at Walvis Bay, Namibia at noon and were signed up for the Dolphin & Seal Cruise that left the pier about 12:45. We were bused a short distance to another pier where we met our tour boat. Namibia is a former German protectorate but has been independent since 1990. Namibia is often called “The Land God Made in Anger”, because of its stark surreal landscapes, untamed wilderness and harsh environment. It has sand dunes that roar, rumble and wander, shipwrecks that litter the barren coastlines, some of the most desolate and spectacular scenery in the world, and many unique plants and animals. Walvis Bay sits on the edge of this vast country. It is formerly a South African enclave, and still ... read more
Great Company
Kevin and Susan
Suzanne and Annette

Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay December 27th 2009

We are to visit Walvis Bay today, but I am not sure that will be ultimately achieved. I was just awakened by Jennifer with sad news that has got me a bit depressed. Matt will know right off what I'm talking about - Urban Meyer is leaving college football and the Gators. I completely understand why he is doing it but I think that he and the people we have on the team these last few years are a group of very special people and it is sad to see that the season should finish this way. I think our loss to Alabama was the first sign that things were not right as a whole for the team. I think that Tebow, like Meyer, realized after his laying unconscious on the field that victory was not ... read more

Africa » Namibia » Walvis Bay September 17th 2009

Bring Them All Home We've made our way back up to Windhoek and then over to the coast, courtesy of some near-hands-free driving, by our bus driver to the the curiously-named Swakopmund (try saying it - it sounds almost like somewhere in Yorkshire) with it's pleasant yet slightly strange Mid-West-America-meets-provincial-German-meets-African style of architecture, where we stay in very pleasant Alternative Space boutique lodge (nice one, Sue). Today is our day to go and do a bit of sea kayaking. As I'm sure you've guessed, this isn't purely in the interests of water sports and there's some animals involved in it somewhere. Knowing who'd be doing the paddling in a tandem, individual sea kayaks have been ordered. However, two of our co-kayakers haven't been given individual kayaks due to a slight booking misunderstanding, so Tim's efforts to ... read more
Sue get's a nibble

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