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December 13th 2016
Published: December 19th 2016
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Some pics from the final days. So many thoughts, so much to write! We are sitting in the departure lounge at Mauritius waiting for our flight to Madagascar, with unbelievable internet! We said goodbye to Patti and Doug last night as they head home. I think it is hard for all of us to believe that portion of the trip is over. But it was amazing, finishing with the last 5 days in Kruger National Park. Those pics will be for later.

After camping at Hoada, we moved south to another nice campsite, that would be wonderful if they were able to get some rain! The owner is a young South African woman run with the help of her mother and sister in law. We toured the rock paintings, which are now a UNESCO site and said to have the most rock paintings in Africa? Then it was on to Erongo where we stayed for 2 nights in their beautiful luxury tented camps. It included delicious dinners and breakfasts and a morning walk. Then an impromptu stop at Ai aiba lodge to visit more rock art. It is amazing as these bush paintings are still quite clear and estimated to be more than 2500 yrs old. Then on to my favorite campsite at Spitzkoffe, a beautiful rock setting with no services, and very large sites. The evening skies, again so beautiful without any light pollution.

Then on to Swakopmund where I posted the earlier blog. A welcome break in a beautiful apartment, just wandering the German style streets and browsing for souveniers. Had a delicious dinner at a newly opened restaurant with a great view of the ocean. Rosemary and Doug ordered martinis, and as they were delivered, the manager/owner? came over to see how they were and told us, they were the first martinis they had made, actually calling someone for the recipe. Besides the fact they were served in a margharita glass, they were undrinkable with way too much vermouth. Doug kindly offered to show the bartender and about 4 other people including the owner, how to make a martini. The owner said she is still drawing up the new menus and will officially have 'Doug's martini' listed! We also took a 2 hr flight over the sand dunes and coastal areas, seeing oryx, seals, flamingos, lots of other birds and a shipwreck buried in the sand. It was a fantastic way to see the dunes.

The next day it was off to Seisrum, the entry point into the amazing sand dunes including Sousvlei. We climbed Dune 45 for a beautiful view. Then our last night we had planned to camp at Bagliatelle, but decided to splurge and stay in their beautiful cabins. They have 3 cheetahs living on the property and we were able to watch the feeding and actually pet the cheetahs as they ate.The power in that animal could definitely be felt. Gorem, (I think was his name), the animal whisperer had an amazing rapport with the cheetahs. He also recently found 2 baby oryx that he had rescued.

Then it was back to Windhoek, so hard to believe we had completed that portion of the trip. We bid a fond farewell to our trusty trailer, Burt! Then a 1.5 hr flight to J'burg for Kruger, but that will be another blog. The internet has been very hit and miss, working when we least expect it, and not working when we thought it should. But it has been such a welcome relief to be out of the 24/7 news cycle and literally
Baby rock hyraxBaby rock hyraxBaby rock hyrax

Kayla, this one is for you!
go days with out knowing the news, nor caring!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

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Patti trying to get that tough shotPatti trying to get that tough shot
Patti trying to get that tough shot

The tree seems to be growing thru the rock

19th December 2016

Another amazing looking trip guys. And if Ed wants to climb some more rocks, come visit.....I can help :) A Martini with too much Vermouth? Never happened in this household.
19th December 2016

Merry Christmas!
Thank you for sharing. I hope your Holidays are Happy! Riley and I are going to the tropics of Texas. WARM! Yehawww!
20th December 2016

Looks Amazing!
I'm glad you were able to post. It's enjoyable to read about your adventure, as always. The love birds are so colorful! Merry Christmas and much love!! Sheila Danny and the boys
20th December 2016

Another amazing trip!
Looking forward to the next blog. Merry Christmas and safe travels.
21st December 2016

Thank you sharing! Merry Christmas to you all!

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