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March 29th 2012
Published: March 29th 2012
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In a village called Shamangorwa, a few hours’ fast drive east from the main city of Rundu the title of this blog is the beleif. Well not only in this village but all throughout Namibia but will get to that soon. Up in this area it is definitely not a touristic area although many tourist trucks are passing the main road heading towards the main attraction in Etosha National Park. This small, cozy... Read Full Entry

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31st March 2012

Intriguojantis blogo pavadinimas ....:-)
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31st March 2012

Intriguojantis blogo pavadinimas ....:-)
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1st April 2012

We've just finished reading the Christopher Hitchens book "God is not great," which actually talks about the view on condoms in Africa, in particular the message relayed to the African people via the Catholic church as to their supposed 'problems' causing infection rather than preventing it, an obviously ridiculous message from the church. It was one thing to read it in Hitchens' book but must be quite another to hear a first hand account of this! Regardless of religious beliefs, I'd recommend the book. Thanks for an insightful read and safe travels!
20th April 2012

Hey guys,
Thanks for the comment... The book is on the to read list when we return home :)
24th May 2012
mini-IMG 3786

Shama... ladies from the river of shamangorwa

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