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October 25th 2008
Published: October 24th 2008
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... I couldn't resist sharing these with you too...

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WKM-3 skulking behind a treeWKM-3 skulking behind a tree
WKM-3 skulking behind a tree

This guy had really played hard to get; we'd spent most of the morning following his spoor and were heading back to camp when finally he deigned to make an appearance...
brown hyenabrown hyena
brown hyena

This guy was HUGE, certainly by the standards of any that I'd seen before. Sadly he must have been hit by a car a few hours earlier, though I imagine the car wouldn't have got off too lightly...
playtime in the Hoanibplaytime in the Hoanib
playtime in the Hoanib

This is one of dozens of photos I took when we spent a magical hour watching the extended breeding herd take time out from the sheer effort of survival to play in this natural pool
everyone needs me-time...everyone needs me-time...
everyone needs me-time...

Junior safely pushed out the way, WKF-14 can enjoy a little time to herself...
Monteiro's hornbillMonteiro's hornbill
Monteiro's hornbill

A regular to the Purros campsite, he dwarfs the yellow-billed hornbills
shy... the new kid on the blockshy... the new kid on the block
shy... the new kid on the block

We had not seen this young male before, and he was clearly a little in awe of the extended breeding herd...
pearl-spotted owletpearl-spotted owlet
pearl-spotted owlet

This owl's call is extremely distinctive, but they're almost never seen. This guy appeared literally to have fallen off his perch one night and onto the path - presumably dying of old age. There was no sign of predation or injury
juvenile elephant resting under his sisterjuvenile elephant resting under his sister
juvenile elephant resting under his sister

Well, why let all the shade that she provides go to waste?
black-headed heron at the Mudurib waterholeblack-headed heron at the Mudurib waterhole
black-headed heron at the Mudurib waterhole

Although we saw these guys a few times this year, it was still downright weird seeing water birds in a desert.
Okaukuejo waterhole, EtoshaOkaukuejo waterhole, Etosha
Okaukuejo waterhole, Etosha

This has to be my favourite Etosha waterhole for the number and variety of wildlife that it attracts
gemsbok in Etoshagemsbok in Etosha
gemsbok in Etosha

These animals look so genteel when they kneel to drink...
WKM-10 being naughty...WKM-10 being naughty...
WKM-10 being naughty...

We'd watched this grand old man of Kaokoland for three hours at a waterhole, but he clearly decided drinking there was too easy, and headed off to the fenced-in borehole mechanics to see what damage he could do...
mole snakemole snake
mole snake

On the way back to Outjo in August, we passed a trio of bikers who had just found this mole snake (harmless) sunning itself in the road
fat geckofat gecko
fat gecko

This guy had clearly been enjoying the local insect population in the office in Outjo

27th October 2008

More great pics
to make us jealous! So when does the book come out?

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