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June 18th 2008
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There is a beautiful place on this planet, with the power to take your breath away, hidden away from mainstream tourism's eyes.I'd heard such amazing stories from the very few people that I had met that had visited some of the remote areas of Namibia, that it fired my imagination and I made a mental note to put it into my own personal "bucket list", (things to do before I kick it) as one of the to... Read Full Entry

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Skeleton Coast ShipwreckSkeleton Coast Shipwreck
Skeleton Coast Shipwreck

The freighter "Eduard Bohlen" which ran around in 1909 in a thick fog,is now high and dry some 400 metres away from the treacherous ocean that first brought it here on it's final voyage.
Diamond Miner's CampDiamond Miner's Camp
Diamond Miner's Camp

From the air as we flew over we could see this abandoned diamond miner's camp.
Folded Golden SilkFolded Golden Silk
Folded Golden Silk

This aerial shot of a massive sand dune as high as a 60 storey building, in the remote Namib desert of Namibia looks more like folded golden silk, than a transient natural landform sculptured by wind currents...amazing environment!
Kalahari FerrariKalahari Ferrari
Kalahari Ferrari

Dave "dunerider" steers his trusty board whilst hurtling downhill at over 70 kmh!!
Kalahari FerrariKalahari Ferrari
Kalahari Ferrari

Kevin "dune destroyer" teases his sandboard as he speedily disappears downhill in a cloud of dust!
The Long Road TravelledThe Long Road Travelled
The Long Road Travelled

Just one small part of the 2500 km journey we covered.
The Mystery MachineThe Mystery Machine
The Mystery Machine

Our faithful mode of transport which around Namibia,which was surprisingly comfortable.It was able to take on all that the desert could throw at us.
African WildlifeAfrican Wildlife
African Wildlife

Don't park up too long or the indiginous wildlife will clamber all over your vehicle to play.
Capricorn CrossingCapricorn Crossing
Capricorn Crossing

Kevin, Me and David acting natural and nonchalant next to the obligatory road sign photo op everyone stops at.
Rock HouseRock House
Rock House

This incredible place turned out to be a unique eco-house built amongst a giant pile of boulders in a remote area of Namibia. The house was built by National Geographic photographer and French movie director Eric Valli to live in while on location making his film, "The Trail". He used all natural materials and opted not to alter the rock itself. The resulting ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ style home was totally amazing! After he and all the crew left and the film was completed, the house was donated to the local people of Oase Himba tribe.

20th June 2008

Great Photos
Thanks for the info and great photos.
23rd June 2008

Great article
Enjoyed your article very much makes me want to go and see what you saw. Super photos.
3rd July 2008

Great photos - fond memories
Told you so, Mike - the country is out of this world.
15th July 2008

Just been admiring your photographs they are amazing - Looks as if it was great experience - It's certainally not the airport. C U at work !!!! Pat
27th December 2008

A really enjoyable story, with superb photos - thanks! J.
16th October 2009

Best place to be in the world
You are right. Also for me, Namibia is the most beautiful country in the world. Someone once told me: you will cry twice when you visit Namibia. Once when you arrive there. The first impression is just plain desert and nothing more. But when you start travelling and see the landscape and when you meet the locals you will not stop crying when you have to leave. It simply is magical. Having travelled around the southern hemisphere for 1 year - Namibia still is my no 1 destination. Great photos you published!
4th February 2010

Thank you for Sharing
Mike, this is such a wonderful commentary .. living in Namibia is a magical as visiting it ... now do you understand why I moved here??? Kate
1st June 2010

This photographer is skillful.I like the colour of this picture.
6th December 2010

Cool picture!
6th December 2010
On A Knife Edge

WOW, this picture is absolutely breathtaking!
13th April 2011
Zebras At The Waterhole

Fantastic picture
I love the reflections.
3rd February 2012

thank you
Enjoyable article,though many new words to me. I really admire the photos and it's certainly a magic journey with the best friends.

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