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July 16th 2009
Published: August 3rd 2009
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On July 16th, we wntered Mozambique. This was by far teh hardest boarder crossing that we have had yet. It took 3.5 hours just to get into the country. If felt like a morning well wasted, especially since we all knew that we were only going to drive through the country.

The terrain of Mozambiqu is beautiful. there are loads of rolling grassy areas with large rocky hill sides. The boulders that make up the rocky formations reminded me of the Kevin Bacon film Tremors. There are loads of Boaboa Trees, which if I am ever able to post pictures you will see them. They are my favorite trees in Africa. Most of the communities we saw were clusters of small brown huts.

The are that we drove through is called the Tete Corridor. The only large city that we saw was Tete, which was also where we saw the Zambezi River for the first time. We drove across this huge suspension bridge, the river felt like driving across the Mississippi River, it was so large. I was unable to take pictures of the river because of the bridge. Tourist are highly discourage totake pictures of gernment buildings, bridges, and police.

We did bush camp for the night, and we were out of the country early the next day. To get out of the country was just as hard as getting in. There were so many people at the Mozambique/Zimbabwe boarder. Americans and Europeans have heard of a line/cue, but it seemed these Africans had not.r . All 26 of us white people were lined up to try to get out of the country and all the locals just rushed the door. There was a guy standing outside the door that was supposed to be regulating the flow of people, but all he was really doing was blocking the white people. He kept pushing and telling us to form a single file line, which we were in, and then he woudl let the local people through that would bribe him. His boss eventually came out and told him to start to let us in. Again it took 3 hours just to get out of the country. It was a lot of work for just a drive day!


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