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March 30th 2010
Published: March 30th 2010
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So I stayed for a bit longer...
I rescheduled my flight from 25 January to 25 March. Then I realised I was not done with Tofo so I rescheduled to 5 June....and lets see if I go then!
It is still ridiculously hot here, and if possible even more humid. Apparently it is meant to cool down now as we are moving towards winter. Sounds good to me but I'm worried about the water temperature dropping.

Finally, 10 days ago, I finished my course and now I am a Divemaster!!!! Hurrah!
It feels great and now I am working for the dive centre and actually making money!! Oh yes, you heard it - I am making the big bucks, perhaps as much as 3k per thats certainly a grand income! oh dear..

The diving is still superb and whalesharks and mantas are literally all over the place!!!! Also Zebra morays, all the crustaceans imaginable, mobula rays and big marlins..just brilliant!

The house right in the centre of enourmous Tofo is good. Of course there are lots of dramas with power cuts, days without water, tarantulas in the garden, ants in the kitchen and leaks in the ceiling...but i like it! Im sharing with Jay who finished his course nearly at the same time as me and we are having loads of fun!

Life in Tofo is as usual, goats and pigs and chickens walking around randomly and bracelet salesmen all over the place. Avocados are in season at the moment so there is guacamole making almost every week. The cashew nuts are still flowing and I am loving it.

Lots of people travel through here and its surprising how many of them are scandos!? Nice with a bit of Nordic blood sometimes. Apart from that obvisously Im practically African...western trousers in local fabrics, Indian food and erhm..I know one word in the local language..yes practically african!

Its a real nightmare being vegetarian in this place so (yes Sofia, finally) I have succumbed and started eating fish again. Its weird but oh it tastes so good! All fish is locally caught as well so I know where it comes from which is good..but sad that its from my reefs all the same..

Soon its time for another visa-run to Nelspruit. Looking forward to eating sushi and cheese and see a bit of the civilised world again!

Look after yourselves and each other x Frida

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Suus is a happy birthday girlSuus is a happy birthday girl
Suus is a happy birthday girl

..adfter her very first whaleshark!
My bossMy boss
My boss

to the right (the other guy is the owner of another diveshop)

30th March 2010

Hi from London
Wow Frida, sounds like you're really enjoying yourself!! And congrats to becoming a Divemaster, now isn't that something! I'm really glad for you, wish I could join, need some sunshine...:) Take care of yourself, lots of hugs, Marjo xxxx
4th April 2010

HI there whats the name of this town named here?
Hi I am planing in going there
3rd June 2010

Tofo in Mozambique

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