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May 28th 2008
Published: May 28th 2008
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i'm sorry to not have written but there is really no computers at all let alone internet, it is dirt and mud and dirt some more.

i am o.k. in a strange way, the last couple of days have been a mix.

mozambique is a true frontier. the world spins around and around and the africans here, on the east coast, spin with it. they scream at each other and laugh with each other and cry and jump around all at once and they are beautiful people. from the top of mozambique there is an endless stretch of mud and dirt they call a road through africa wildland that will take you if you wish all the way down to the end of the continent. the road is strewn with dead baboons for roadkill and millions upon hundreds of millions of tiny faces and big faces, all black, who see you coming and stare right into your eyes, in my mind at night i see the faces and the eyes of them, they look at you because you are white skinned and they look as hard as they can and you see every one of them and you see everything about them for the split second as you pass in a whiz. they see you and they yell out or they begin to dance or they begin to laugh and point but mostly they just stop and stare and you stare back and wave and feel guilty of something. they are real people of the world and real people of the earth can only be met when you are dirty and lost and need help, then these people of the world come out of the weird places they hide and come to your rescue.

i have been pushing everything and really riding to make cape town for june 17th. day after day. in just about the middle of nowhere i was robbed by seven men, four woman, fifteen kids and a couple of seniors, they used force. to some in africa the white man is looked at as a twenty dollar bill floating in the breeze, a twenty dollar bill that needs to be claimed. but the truth is that i am not a twenty dollar bill, i am a human being who just so happens to have a twenty dollar bill. after having been robbed in this way i was feeling low but i rode on through the mud and awful dirt and beautiful greenery of the land until i came to a fellow leaning against a very big motorcycle in the ditch. he gave me a friendly wave and he was white skinned and he was tim from kansas. he was riding his gigantic bike from cape town to dar es salaam which is my plan exactly but in reverse. he was a beautiful man in his mid twenties and we had our motorbikes parked on opposite sides of the track under thick towering trees for shade and we ate dry bisuits and laughed and made some good north american humor together. i drove on and felt badly that we could not be friends.

i cant go on i cant go on!

but i am ok!

i need more time to write more because so much has happened,

for the last two days i have not had any money or food and the motorcycle has been broken and i've had no money to fix it, but it is all solved,

i am in beira mozambique, the motorcycle is hidden in the bush 200 km north in gorongosa. tomorrow now that i have found a bank i will go back and see if i can get it all fixed up.

i am safe!

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1st June 2008

Wow, fascinating
I'm going to Beira in mid-July and found your blog by accident. Amazing! Amazing! Should you have a chance to post photos I'd be ecstatic. Keep trucking!

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