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May 11th 2013
Published: May 11th 2013
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I went out alone before dinner yesterday, to look at the craft area of the souk, and got caught by one of the "guides" (there are very few here compared to the bigger cities) and taken to a rug merchant. I decided to go along with it for awhile, but then got a bit stressed when it was clear the rug merchant knew my hotel. I was afraid he'd show up here! (He didn't and I didn't buy anything...)

We arrived "home" last night after diiner to find the hotel staff sitting in the passageway outside the riad, and they invited us to have tea and sit with them. Pretty soon most of the guests had wandered home and joined us!

Today we took a shared taxi to the seaside town of Martil, 10 kilometers away, to sit on the beach and to have fish lunch. Accomplished both...

It will be hard to go back to the Euro zone tomorrow...great coffee and French pastries for two here: $4.25...3 course dinners are about $12....and I will miss the bustle of the Medinas...

This afternoon we wandered some more, bought some stuff, got locked inside the Archeological Museum garden,
Sitting outside in the Medina...Sitting outside in the Medina...Sitting outside in the Medina...

Drinking mint tea and chatting at 11:00pm...
and said goodbye to Moroccan nights, with streets full of people selling stuff and people buying.

We've already been talking about "next time" in Morocco....

Additional photos below
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Bill locking our doorBill locking our door
Bill locking our door

Actually, it never really locks...

Seen with my uninvited guide...old Mellah (Jewish quarter) walls behind.
Unlit Neon Coats of Arms facing the Royal PalaceUnlit Neon Coats of Arms facing the Royal Palace
Unlit Neon Coats of Arms facing the Royal Palace

Crowds are bigger as it gets darker....
Inside a wealthy family's homeInside a wealthy family's home
Inside a wealthy family's home

We were taken there, with almost no explanation, by the riad owner....
Martil beach and camelsMartil beach and camels
Martil beach and camels

Tourist trap....the camel rides that is...

Beach goes on for was fogged in when we arrived, but sunny when we left.
rug weavingrug weaving
rug weaving

Much of the weaving was done by children not so long ago (they were working the lloms 37 years ago). the new king has made school mandatory, so now adults are the weavers....
Roman mosaicsRoman mosaics
Roman mosaics

The museum closed early, but the gate was unlocked, and a man standing in front let us in. We wandered around the garden and marvelled at the beautiful Roman era mosaics, and a crusader tombstone. As we started to gate, we realized it was locked, but a man appeared and let us out!

12th May 2013

What wonderful experiences you have had in Morocco! Don't feel too sad to have Barcelona to look forward to.
19th May 2013


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