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June 27th 2008
Published: July 1st 2008
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Breakfast on the BeachBreakfast on the BeachBreakfast on the Beach

I got "take out" from a cafe and took my mint tea and harsha to the beach both mornings. The guys who rented me the parasol had a bet going the first day as to whether I was Moroccan or a foreigner. I took it as a compliment and hated to dissapoint the guy who had bet his friends that I was Moroccan.
I had never heard of Martil - which was my biggest reason for going there. It turned out to be a small beach town, very relaxed and full of tourists, all of whom were Moroccan. Once again I excaped the tourist traps created for foreigners and found myself mixed in with tourists from Fes, Marrakech, Tetouan and Casablanca, plus the usual assortment of locals.

Martil is a short taxi ride from Tetouan, which is an hour or so by bus from Tangier. I have heard great things about Tetouan, but didn´t stop to visit the city since I was eager to get out to the beach.

Guys on the beach rent parasols for a few dirhams for the day and I spent my mornings and evenings at the beach. Life on the Mediterranean requires a midday nap and I´m not one to go against such a civilized tradition. I found a nice place close to the beach that stayed quite cool in the day despite not having a fan or air conditioner. The sea breezes are refreshing and cool enough that the heat I experienced in Kelaa and Meknes just doesn´t exist here.

The food, as always in

It didn´t take me long to realize that Martil isn´t Kelaa and a woman in a bikini isn´t a big deal here. Ahh, the freedom of the beach!
Morocco, is amazing. It´s interesting for me to see how completely different Moroccan cuisine is from interior cities and towns like Marrakech, Kelaa, Fes and Meknes, in comparison with the food of costal cities. Tangier and Martil are far from Essouira, but since all three towns are on the coast the food is quite similar. The fish is fresh and cheap and cooked to perfection. I don´t see as much red meat here as in interior cities, but the salads and other vegetable dishes are pretty much the same everywhere.

I don´t have a lot to write about Martil. I didn´t do anything touristy and there wasn´t anything to see there. But I spent a couple days lounging on the beach, swimming in the Mediterranean, and feeling like I am on vacation. I love being a teacher.

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The night before I left Kelaa Maryam´s neighbor hennaed my feet and legs. It´s the traditional send-off for somebody who´s travelling. The sand and sea is wearing the henna off fast, but I still look like my family takes good care of me.
Small TownSmall Town
Small Town

The beach is fun for the waves and seashells but also for people-watching. People here have been very friendly and helpful. Even the soldiers guarding the "border" are merely curious. They stopped me walking on the beach and asked for my passport but they seemed more bored than inquisitional.

3rd July 2008

a wonderful person meets wonderful people. Bssaha o rahha for all the good times you spent in morocco and inchallah you will have good time all way until you reach Idaho.

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