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Published: June 30th 2006
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Not to busy on the beaches around Mirift in June. Maybe the weather is too sunny?
Hello avid readers,

So I leave Morocco early tommorow morning. Hve just spent the last few days on the beach at Mirilift. A nice spot with next to no other tourists. I would wake up in the morning and head to one of the 5 beaches for surf or to just chill out. Before finally returning to watch the frst world cup game in the afternoon. Surprisingly, for such a small place, Mirilift also had a bar. A European bar in fact not one of those dingy tobacco encrusted stale beer smelling holes in the wall with a 500 pound landlord scowling at you from the other side of the bar. The bar in Mirilift was surprisingly normal. Had planed to head on from the beach but I just got stuck for a bit. Next time Ill do more.

I do think there will be a next time as well. Morocco is so close to Europe its quite incredible. Now I wouldnt say this was the best places Ive travelled, the food is so not up to standard, but Morocco doesnt seem to have been corrupted by all the bullshit that comes with this ever shrinking world and the

Mirilift is refered to as the south of Morocco. In reality it is kind of in the middle. Such a big country.
tourist dollar. Thailand is a good example of a country that has been changed by mass tourism. I really like Thailand and think Thais are great. But Moroccans seem to be so much more confident as a people and have basically refused to change and I like that even though some would find it threatening and at times overwhelming. I particularly liked the Rif Berber people for their direct approach to everything and their strength.

The other thing I noticed about Morocco is the sheer size of the place. I mean this place is huge. I got as far south as Mirilift which is considered the south. Really its kind of in the middle of the country. The size geographically is also supplimented by so many large famous cities like Fes, Casablanca, Tangiers, Rabat and Marrakach. You could spnd a long time exploring this land. If only they would get the whole food situation sorted out. I mean they have so many spices yet fail to use any of them properly. Still its a minor issue. All in al Ive really enjoyed my time here.

So what next? Well Ill go back to the UK and try to
Main Street MiriliftMain Street MiriliftMain Street Mirilift

Took this from the top of the Tafrout guesthouse on the main (only) street in Mirilift. Today was market day and apparently was quite busy.
get into Uni for Septmber. However, because of a late application I dont think it will happen this year. So will spend the next few months doing various little courses and volunteering to help improve my chances of being accepted. Really I cant make plans until I know if Im being accepted for this year which will be about mid august. Shall update my darlings as more becomes apparent. Wish me luck ad take care all...

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Mirilift SunsetMirilift Sunset
Mirilift Sunset

Was there 5 days and had 5 sunsets like this.

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