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Published: June 22nd 2006
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Music Festival by nightMusic Festival by nightMusic Festival by night

The stage is set.
Hello all,

Am in a town called Essaouira, on the coast directly west of Marrakech. Its an alright town. The money made here is from fish and of course tourists. Today the town is packed with people from all over the world for its the Esaouira world music festival. Yeah!!!

Now as most of you no doubt are aware, I know almost nothing about music. Regardless a music festival should never be turned down for a least a couple of days. I shall be heading down the coast to Mirilift on saturday. They have surfing there and although my surfing skills are, like my music knowledge, nonexistent. I shall try my best and hopefully not get attacked by the Red hot chilli peppers, dive out of a plane without a parachute or do my knee in whilst chasing Patrick Swayze through the streets of LA. For those of you who dont understand that last bit then you should watch point break again. Surfs up!!!

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Music Festival by dayMusic Festival by day
Music Festival by day

During the day all is cool. But be a little wary at night as there is so many people. Saw someone get pickpocketed. One small fight between two guys and one huge fight where a bunch of kids decided to lash out at everyone. A huge circle in the crowd formed as people ran away. Then filled in again as they ran off with even more young kids chased after them. Bizare.
Le BretagneLe Bretagne
Le Bretagne

My Brittany friends who put up with my terrible French all night on the first day of the Essouria music festival.
The famous view The famous view
The famous view

Essouria started as a Portugese fort and trading post, guarding the spice routes from the east.

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