Published: June 1st 2006
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Have just arrived in Morocco, Yeah! Will update as I go so far the mint tea is good and its hot: I can even see the sun, unlike the UK: Wish me luck:

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Djemma el FnaaDjemma el Fnaa
Djemma el Fnaa

You can eat dinner in the middle of Djemma el Fnaa (main square) in Marrakech. Beware some of the places will try their damnest to poison you.
Marrakech MedinaMarrakech Medina
Marrakech Medina

Loads of shopping Marrakech

2nd June 2006

The life and times of Sir Benjamin Tittle the Third
Ahhhhh, have the power to make people smile, laugh and shed a tear with your thoughts and your words. I'm jealous of your travels...and your newfound insight into yourself. Perhaps your travels will spur some of us onto to more interesting travels ourselves. Have fun in Morrocco....may the sun shine upon your face and the wind always be at your back..... Thank you! Much love, Cathy
2nd June 2006

hi, Ben, heres wishing u a great trip, a month of fun, reflection, enlightenment and good memories. You also need to get some photos on ur blog, so put that on ur to do list. Koreas getting a bit better, theres a music festival out in nature this wkend, which im really looking forward to and in time for my bday too, great timing. keep in touch Briony

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