Libya 18-28 September 2010 in search of Ghadarfi

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October 16th 2010
Published: October 16th 2010
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Libya ZuaraLibya ZuaraLibya Zuara

Beach camp
Libya was our objective and we entered after several hours of immigration. We camped on the beach near Zuara and it was pleasant to relax swim and have an secret beer or two The marauding dogs were only a minor danger. We drove south the next day and went through Nazar and visited the Granary where for hundreds of years villagers have kept their grain for safe keeping.After a long day arrived at Ghardarmes and stayed at the YHA. This is a heritage listed village in the desert where the gypsum buildings and underground corridors are painted white and is a preserved bedouin area.In the late afternoon we climbed the large sand dunes out of town. After 2 nights we continued to Sabratha via another granary in Qasar al Hadj. This time a circular granary 3 storeys high. We bush camped on the beach again and this time there were no dogs and the next day we saw the amazing ruins on the beach. We drove on to Tripoli where we stayed for 2 days.Tripoli is a great place. There is a feeling of safety and every one is friendly. The city has great medina a few restaurants and a good museum of 5 floors. We went to Art Haur restaurant set in the middle of the only Roman ruins Marc Aureaulias arch. Green squre was interesting with it's 100's of Ghadarfi pictures. In the markets -Ghadarfi watches and every where you look more Ghadarfi.
Leaving tripoli it was a short drive to Leptis Magna. This is the best Roman city in North africa and it is well set out ,well preserved and is set by the sea.The following 2 days we set out along the coast via Bisra and Benghazi and arrived in Cyrene, yet another ruin this time with a greek twist.There was the temple of Zeus and the Amphitheatre of Appolonia by the sea. We stayed at the YHA. The drive was then to Tobrouk where we visited the war Museum and cemetrt. This was a moving experience and a long time wish. After getting bogged on the beach we beach camped near the border and crossed into Egypt the next day.

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Libya sabrathaLibya sabratha
Libya sabratha

Roman Ruins
Libya Leptis MagnaLibya Leptis Magna
Libya Leptis Magna

Libya TobroukLibya Tobrouk
Libya Tobrouk

War Cemetry

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