Photos from Sani Top, Lesotho, Africa

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Sani Pass (69)
Sani Pass (68)
Sani Pass (67)
Sani Pass (66)
Sani Pass (64)
Sani Pass (65)
Road in the distance
Sani Pass looking towards South Africa
Sani Pass (1)
Sani Pass
Well worth the effort
TThis poor guy had a long way to go from there
Things we do for beer
The walk back down
The Lesotho border town
Hiding from the wind
Hello Lesotho
Heading towards the pub in the wind
Enjoying the view
Along the road
Surrounded by mounatains
Sani Pass high above the clouds
Sani pass border check
Sani flowers
Lesotho landscape
Our first hike
Keeping warm in the wind
In those shoes we would not even bother trying
Highest pub
When this is below you know your high
Lesotho hut
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