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Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top June 1st 2017

The highest mountain in Lesotho, the highest mountain in Southern Africa, the highest mountain in Africa for over 3100 km, the highest mountain in Africa south of Mount Meru in Tanzania – the highest south of Kilimanjaro if you believe the marginally inaccurate boasts of the tour companies who offer guided hikes up there. Thabana Ntlenyana reaches 3482 m and, unlike most of the other Drakensberg peaks, can be hiked in a single day. The view along the way is beautiful and constantly changing though kind of always the same. We had first viewed Lesotho from the top of Mont-aux-Sources, a slightly lower mountain sitting on the border that you climb via the Amphitheatre chain ladders above Royal Natal National Park in the Northern Drakensberg. The high peaks you observe from the South Africa side are ... read more
Thabana Ntlenyana summit
Shepherds having a bit of down time
The view of Sani Pass from the back of a bakkie

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top August 22nd 2015

Im lucky to do those hikes when I did because today is a drive up to Lesotho. I couldn’t imagine going another 21 km up as high as it is….F that. So the 1968 jeep will be doing the leg work today J The first stop was at an old trading post used for the Basotho people and SA peeps. On the way the views were stunning including the 12 apostles; plateaued peaks of which there were actually 13 so a new friend born in Paris, raised in Benin, and currently working in an embassy in Gabon said its 12 and then jesus is the 13th. Lolol. Each turn of the switchback has a name including the ice corner, suicide corner, OMG corner, and other fun monikers. At top a quick search finds the Maluti brand ... read more
12 apostles

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top May 26th 2015

Having picked up Yannick in Ladysmith, our travelling party had now increased to three upon leaving Clarens. No, we didn’t pick up a hot female hitchhiker, but we instead picked up Lee from the UK, a fellow solo traveller who was also staying at the Clarens Inn & Backpackers. Public transport around the Drakensberg is almost non-existent save for the sometimes-ropey long distance taxis which don’t go on a schedule but rather when the minibus is full. The best way to get around – or in and out of the Drakensberg – is by car. Lee didn’t have one – I did. Lee also needed to get towards Cape Town – I was ultimately heading for Durban which is a good place to start a journey to the Mother City. So again, it was a win-win ... read more
Basotho Family & House
Looking Down The Pass
Made It

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top May 24th 2012

In January 2008,me and my girlfriend Jillian decided to take a trip to Sani Pass and explore Lesotho a bit.At that stage we were on holiday with her mom at Shelly Beach. We left early at about six to Sani Pass via the gravel St Faith Road.The St Faith Road was wet and a bit of a nightmare.The conditions was also misty and rain and the road was quite busy at that time of the day.Eventually we reach the tar road at Highflats.We took a left to Ixopo,and the weather started to clear up a bit.Took a break at the Spar in Ixopo. From Ixopo it was tar road to Underberg where we had breakfast and then onwards to Sani Pass via Himeville. From Himeville we travel towards Sani Pass and pass through the South Arican ... read more
South African Border Post
Lesotho Border Post
From the Top

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top May 20th 2012

Heading into the Drakensberg to do a little hiking we didn’t realize that the reward for a beer would entice us to hike to the highest pub in Africa and walking the Sani pass at 2865m along the way. The Sani Pass we have heard quite a lot about over the years, the views are breathtaking, road is tough and the wind is bone chilling. This is why, like most others, we were looking to do a tour up the pass to reach the famous pub in Lesotho overlooking South Africa. The problem is that they want a large amount of money to do this and at this stage of our trip it just didn’t seem possible. The thing that the tour operators don’t tell you is that it is possible to walk the 18km return ... read more
Hello Lesotho
Our first hike
Keeping warm in the wind

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top March 11th 2012

There are these two small countries on the Southern African continent that we have heard of, but most of us don't know much about them. I name the first one the Kingdom of Swaziland, sandwiched between South Africa and Mozambique. I visited Swaziland for 3 days back in 2011. Swaziland is peaceful, and pleaged by HIV....with friendly people and low lying hills. The second little country is Lesotho. To the European that I am, Lesotho is even more of a weird kingdom. The country, basically a "circle" of 180km diameter is stuck inside South Africa. There is no access to the sea here, and to nothing else than South land, or by air. Sadly, the reputation of Maseru, the capital, is way less friendly than the reputation of the Swaziland capital of Manzini. Swaziland is ... read more
Sani pass, up there...
our ride for the day...
Sani lodge backpacker

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top January 5th 2012

I have decided to do a separate entry about this day because it was a completely different experience from our hike in the Drakkensberg. We were picked up in the morning (which dawned bright and sunny but eventually became cold and rainy at the top of Sani Pass) by our guide Stuart and set out in a group of 7 people in a well-used Land Rover. The day before we had eavesdropped on the owner of Sani Lodge telling a caller that they could attempt to drive up the Pass in their rental car, but they may end up leaving pieces of their engine behind. There was a reason that the only vehicles that we saw on this road were Land Rovers and Land Cruisers and other such four-wheel drives. A few kilometers past Sani Lodge ... read more
The road we will follow
TheTwelve Apostles
Our trusty Land Rover

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top July 7th 2010

Hello again this time writing from Durban, It has been a great last few days. Since we left Swaziland we have done a ton of hiking and such. We went to the ampitheater to see the worlds 2nd highest waterfalls as well as the very highest in Africa. We were a bit sad that the worlds second highest waterfalls was all but dry this time of year but we saw the snow patch where it all begins :-) ...i wish i had more internet time to lable all of the pictures and edit them... but alas this may be a project for India. Anyhow after the ampitheater day (a 7km sheer drop in the northern drakenburgs) we headed to the southern berg to the Sani Pass lodge. LESOTHO: We proceded up a stone/dirt road at 25 ... read more
Picture 002
Picture 003
Picture 004

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top June 24th 2010

With no spare tire, we headed for Lesotho. Actually we just drove the 3+ hours to Underberg to catch the Sani Pass day tour to Lesotho. We arrived and shared a 4X4 jeep with a canadian and 3 Portuguese people who were there for the game, but being for Brasil, we did not talk to much about the game. It was an INCREDIBLE drive. It was a crazy windy road with awesome views. The South African boarder is even a 30 minute drive from the true border as there is nowhere closer to put the control point due to the mountain road. The best part of the drive was stopping at the frozen waterfall. I loved taking pics and pretending that I was frozen, as this is a game me and daddy often play. The cool ... read more
A little bit of Brasil in Lesotho
I am frozen
"Look, I see another hamster"

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top June 13th 2010

The Anstey Beach backpacker hostel in Durban is mainly for surfers and is far from the city centre so there is not much to do nearby except surf, so I booked myself on a tour to the Sani Pass and Lesotho (pronounced Lesutu). I was picked up around 10am and was driven to a meeting point where I was joined by two Brazilians called Luiz and Luiz, we then headed to Underberg where we joined a German couple, bought some takeaway for lunch then transferred to a four wheel drive vehicle. We drove for perhaps twenty minutes spotting a large troop of baboons cavorting around on a golf course before arriving at the South African border post. After taking care of formalities we began the steep climb up through the mountains to the Sani Pass, it ... read more
Scenery on the road to Sani Top
Scenery on the road to Sani Top
The Twelve Apostles

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