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September 6th 2009
Published: September 6th 2009
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After a busy month of travel for Murray, we managed some family safaris with Max, Gillian (Murrays sister) and Ariana. We went to the north coast of Mombassa, Watamu, for a week. It was a lovely week with a great mix of pool, beach, relaxing and exercise. Max was nicknamed Rambo after a few sports wins, Ariana and Charlotte really loved swimming. Hayley had her first swim and actually enjoyed it. Gillian & I enjoyed the bargins on the beach, and Murray played the dutiful dad role, and managed a few games of tennis, table tennis, volleyball, water polo and darts.

We also went to the Masi Mara for a few days, during the wilderbeest migration from Serengeti to the Mara. Highlights were: cheetahs close enough to pat, wilderbeests and zebras crossing the Mara river, lions eating a fresh kill of zebra, and yet another camping story involving lions close to the tent. The first night we camped we had a zebra very close to the tent, about 10 metres away. We heard some groans in the night, but Murray assured us all that it was the windmill. We chatted to the rangers the next morning who told us lions
Charlottes divingCharlottes divingCharlottes diving

perfect positioning
were 100m from our campsite. If that wasn’t exciting enough the next night while sitting around the fire, we heard a very loud roar! Everyone jumped and many made a quick dash for the safety of our tent. Murray & Max saw the lions eyes about 50m away from where they sat by the fire. The kids slept well after being convinced the noise was from nearby buffalos, who only eat grass so surely they wouldn’t hurt us, right? (by kids, I mean the under 30s 😊 )

Charlotte has decided to potty train herself, its been interesting. And Hayley has finally decided maybe rolling over is actually something worth doing, she also likes to sit up and be part of things. She is growing well at 4 ½ months, and has already been in size 6 months clothing for awhile now. She is becoming more interested in whats happening and is very attached to mum.

Max, Gillian and Ariana have left Kenya now for Europe, and will stop here briefly before heading back to NZ. Murrays next work trip will be Afghanistan at the end of the month. For the girls and me, we’ll be transitioning as
Charlottes divingCharlottes divingCharlottes diving

A little too much splash though
most kids we have been spending time with start school in September.

Love to all,

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Masi Mara

6th September 2009

where the wild things are!
Great pics - you've seen basically all seasons AND all animals!! Tell me, did anyone pat the cheetah!?!!? - does your insurance cover you against camping with the wild animals!?! xx
7th September 2009

Great Blog !!
Really enjoyed your pictures. Felt we could just picture it all. What an amazing time you had.
7th September 2009

So when are you going to sign Charlotte up to further her education? Better watch out or she will be falling behind...
19th September 2009

Cool photo's. Hope things are going well for you as things have quietened down.

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