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Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Mount Elgon NP November 15th 2011

Zwischen Kenya und Uganda liegt der Mount Elgon. Am Fusse des Berges befindet sich der Mount Elgon National Park. Hier merkt man sofort, dass man sich ein bisschen entfernt von der Zivilisation befindet: es hat keine Touristen, es herrscht Ruhe, was sich positiv auf die Wahrnehmung auswirkt. Dieser Park besteht hauptsächlich aus tropischem Bergregenwald sowie Bambusdickichte und Moor. Aus naturtechnischer Sicht ist der Park wunderschön, von der Tiervielfalt kann es knapp mithalten. Trotz allem, ein schönes Erlebnis. Wie immer, mit herrlicher Landschaft.... read more
Junger Waterbuck

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Mount Elgon NP September 8th 2010

Anyone headed to Mount Elgon NP? Would you like an authentic African experience? Contact me and I can set you up with some friends in the Kitale area of Kenya right at the base of Mt. Elgon. Awesome opportunity, my 21 year old daughter lived there for 6 months last year helping out in an orphanage.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Western Province » Mount Elgon NP October 7th 2006

Third world towing methods and other frustrations... Mt. Elgon, located on the Kenya-Uganda border boasts the second highest peak in Kenya plus elephants famous for licking the insides of the caves to retrieve the nutrients in the salt … however our weekend at Mt. Elgon didn’t include wither of these attractions it was more of a test of how far your patience can be stretched before you lose it. Departing Saturday morning we arrived, checked into our Banda, unpacked our bags and groceries then waited for a ranger to take us on tour of the caves. Wangaru our ranger sauntered up and we did not start on the best foot - his chauvinistic comments about women driving when Shubha got behind the wheel did not sit well... and it only went downhill from there. So we ... read more
Another perspective
The infamous wire...
View from the cave

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