Off to the Masai Mara

Published: June 6th 2011
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An early call this morning fir the drive to the airport for the Air Kenya flight to Masai Mara. This lace is an hour flight from Nanyuki, so really out in the middle of nowhere. It is the continuation of the Serengeti justices in Kenya, above the arbitrary line drawn by the Germans and British during colonial times. Anyway, our flight in a Twin Otter was goo, scenery beautiful, lots of very organized farms and forested hills. On arrival the Fairmont Mara had vans pick us up and whisk us the 20 minute drive to the "tented camp" voted one of the top 10 hotels in Africa. Fairmont really does a great tented camp! The tents are right on the river, a family of hippo right below the bank outside our cabin. There are about 10, including some babies. Back to the tent, two double beds, two camp chairs, a mini bar disguised as an old steamer trunk, shower open to the sky, flush toilet, and dressing table. In a small way it reminds me of Kona Village. The electricity is turned off during certain times of day and night, but the solar powered showers have plenty of hot water and rain shower head. Were a little jaded after seeing so much wildlife in Tanzania, but the numbers are smaller, but here the drivers can go off road to get in close. We parked and walked up a rocky road, some rangers met us and right around the corner we're two northern white rhinos. They were less than 20 yards away, just grazing around. Our 7 we saw in Ol Pejata were 300 yards, these two were so close! Unbelievable. Then we saw a herd of giraffe, then a lioness, just hanging out. Around the corner a whole pride in the bushes, except a couple of cubs out in the clearing. We are so blessed to be allowed to enter their world and observe their behaviors. Another flat tire on the way back to the camp. Dinner was buffet and great, again. How the do so much out in the middle of nowhere, its amazing! Though the game drive was the most rutted and bumpy, it didn't matter, the Masai Mara is wide Leon dotted with acaia trees, and the sunset tonight was so beautiful. This is a very special place. The hippos are really loud tonight, birds and crickets keeping us awake. Time for earplugs. Goodnight.


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