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December 1st 2015
Published: December 3rd 2015
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Sports days, discos, my class production, Hayley and my Christmas production, Emma’s Christmas production, and then there is normal day to day school and life in general. It’s been a busy term.

I’ve struggled at school this year so far, it’s supposed to be easier right? Yet somehow it’s not. I still love teaching and have those days when one of my kids has a breakthrough and those are the days I live for. When the child that was always crying in the morning, doesn’t cry anymore. When the child who struggles with handwriting brings me a piece of work with perfectly joined writing. When I get to celebrate a target that they have reached, watching their faces light up when I make a big deal out of their achievement. All the little breakthroughs, be them social or educational, those are the moments that make it all worthwhile. We have an accreditation visit early in 2016, so I’m hoping the pressure will ease up after that.

Emma is now in a school uniform, formally the first school year in the British system. She is writing her name and a few other words, and recently is bringing reading books home. Emma was so excited to finally get “homework”, but learnt quickly from her sisters how to react. She picks up her book, rolls her eyes and says “Ugh, homework” and then with the biggest grin on her face she happily reads her book. She has made some lovely new friends but is still finding full days at school very tiring.

Hayley keeps surprising us at school. She has lots of friends, she really is well liked and is working very hard at school. She loves to write and her writing can sometimes be very entertaining for my colleagues. My favourite was when “Mum makes a fuss at the supermarket.” Turns out my banter with our local shopkeeper, normally about NZ cricket, is called fuss in Hayley’s eyes. Hayley is enjoying having me in the same year group and is not abusing the privilege yet thankfully. Hayley’s teeth are falling out and I am particularly thankful for the school nurse helping to pull them out, yuck!

Charlotte is a keen first aider, has perfected her cartwheel, still loves to write but struggles to actually finish things. She joined the philosophy club and loves it. She has fitted in really well to year 4, her new class and with her new teachers.

We managed a lovely half term break as a family at Watamu Beach in October. We were all very relaxed by the end of it.

Florah and Mildred keep our house running amidst the craziness. Mildred had a baby girl over the European summer holidays, she named her Hayley. Baby Hayley is a much loved addition to our crew and there are often fights about who gets to hold Baby Hayley. With a baby Charlotte and baby Hayley now in their family, we are eagerly waiting to see who will name a baby after Emma 😊

Murray and I celebrated 11 years of marriage in November, keeping in tradition of not being together on our wedding anniversary, I was in Kenya while he was in Switzerland. We are looking forward to being together for a month straight over the Christmas holidays after quite a few weeks apart.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This New Year will see us move to Switzerland at the end of the school year in July 2016. It’s a big move for us, but the kids and I are slowly coming around to the idea of living in Europe. We will be very sad to farewell Kenya, but it does feel like a good time for a change.

So after 8 years here, it’s now or never, you have 6 months left to come and visit us in Kenya!

Much love,


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