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August 17th 2013
Published: August 17th 2013
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Our last family update was in April, so much has happened. Murrays travel has been hectic, which we were expecting for the first 6 months of his new job, but we are now in the 9th. It’s been an adjustment; we are muddling through and are probably less settled in the new house because of it. Murray is currently in Ethiopia, and wasn’t in the airport at the time of the fire that burnt the arrivals/immigration section down. It has caused delays and over booked flights, which has effected Murray and a lot of our friends.

Charlotte finished Year 1 in the British system in early July. She has flourished in her new school, although initially struggling with the big school and the noise that comes with it. She has made a friend at school finally, and thankfully her new friend will be in the same class next school year, which starts in September.

Hayley finished at Kindergarten. I love her Kindergarten, it was Charlotte’s kindergarten. Hayley will be starting the first year (reception - not year 1) in the British system, at Charlotte’s big school. She will be wearing a uniform; it all feels a little too big for our Hayley. But we have been preparing her with visits and hope she’ll settle in well.

Emma has been going to an organised playgroup at ours and a friend’s house with some friends and a teacher we have hired. Unfortunately for Emma, she’ll be doing “school” this way until we can afford to pay for “real” school or sort out something else. She is keen to be part of the school run like her big sisters, I keep forgetting she is only 2 1/2yrs, she seems so much older in everything she does.

We have had some more visitors, Funny Mr Uncle Ross being one of them, unfortunately Murray was called away to Uganda when a lot of refugees from DRC crossed the border (hopefully he’ll do a blog at some stage). Ross & I managed to do alot of shopping, hitting the Masi Market and the Art Gallery quite hard. Anke also visited us on her R & R from DRC, it was lovely to have an “old” friend back in Nairobi again. It was nice to chat and catch up as if she’d never moved away. Also, my Mum came back (on her way from UK to NZ), for another visit to spend time with the kids. It was extra special to have Mum twice this year.

We also farwelled Richard & Jenny from East Africa, friends who lived in Tanzania for 6yrs, and organised the mission trip that inspired Murray 19 years ago to use his skills in this part of the world. We managed a weekend trip to Tanzania and they stayed with us before flying back to NZ. Our kids have so much in common, sharing their kiwi heritage and their east African lives. An unusual combination, so it’s always nice to see them connect.

We are looking forward to the next school year starting in a few weeks, lots of changes ahead this academic year.

Take care,


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