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January 12th 2012
Published: February 7th 2012
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So due to unforeseen circumstances, I have been delayed in Nairobi for the next week or so before I am able to head to Kisumu/Odede. However, I have had a pretty hectic last week organising the troops who have come from the village, and those who have stepped fresh off the plane from Australia, so a little break isn't the worst thing that could happen right now.

The first group of people came off the Masai Mara and I had a couple of days getting to know them a bit while they waited for their flight home. They were all really cool, and it was great to spend some time with them swapping stories of life in the village and reminiscing on my last program. The time with them got me freshly excited about the coming adventure, and anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get my hands dirty again.

I then greeted all of the girls who were fresh off the plane from Australia, and completed the first stage of orientation in Nairobi with them. Possibly the most exciting parts of the day were a visit to the elephant orphanage, and the hours we spent negotiating the mental traffic in this city.

There is no question about how crazy the traffic is in Nairobi. The rules are - there are no rules! 1 lane becomes 3; the pushier you are the better; and if the whole of one lane is taken up, no problem - just hop into the other lane and drive like a bandit, crossing your fingers that the oncoming traffic slows down for you. I think the girls had a few moments of hyperventilation, but we didn't die so it was all good!

So yesterday I put the new group on the bus to Kisumu for the remainder of their orientation. I will be in Nairobi for the next few days, so I think that I'll head to a couple of humanitarian organisations to see how they work. One of the things I might do is go to Kibera slum for a tour and see what programs they have running there.

Sorry if this entry is less than exciting, I feel a bit in limbo at the moment, but will make lemonade out of these lemons and learn as much as I can while I'm here.

Love, love, love.

Kate xxx :0)


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