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July 20th 2011
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Two of my friends, Colin and John, arrived in Nairobi on Sunday 17th July after their epic climb up Mt Kilimanjaro. Couldn't believe how fresh they both looked, I was starting to think that may be they didn't do the climb, it's amazing what you can do with photo-shop these days ;-)) From their pictures and stories it sounded amazing.

In the evening took them to Village Market, a small shopping centre in the north west of Nairobi, which has an outside food court where you can get great food for around £4.50. After that is was back home for a nice relaxing evening looking at their photos. The next morning Nic arrived from London.

On the Monday we all went of the visit St Dorcas. On the way we stopped off to buy loads of fresh fruit for the kids at The Junction Shopping Centre, parked the car there and then all piled onto a matatu to the orphanage, as it wouldn't be safe to park the car near to St Dorcas. The boys seamed to enjoy the experience of getting a matatu even thou we did have to wait for about 5 or 6 matatu's to go past as they were all full.

As we were walking upto St Dorcas, two of the kids saw us and came running up to greet all of us. It was so moving to see their smiling faces. Showed the boys around the orphanage and after talking to Jacianta, who runs the orphange, and the boys seeing the very basic kitchen, it was decied that the money Colin and John raised climbing Mt Killi would go to building a new kitchen.

On Tuesday we all drove up to Lake Naivasha and Hells Gate NP. The boys got to see just how bad Kenyan's drive, think there where nearly a few soiled pants on the way there. The good thing about Hells Gate NP is that you can get out of your car and walk up close to the animals. We got very close to some Giraffe, which was pretty cool. Within Hells Gate there is the Lower Gorge in which you can get a guided tour froma local Massi. We had a guy call Josuph you was very knowleageable and a very good guide. Afterwards we went to have lunch by Lake Naivasha. That eveing we all went to Zen Garden, a lovely Japanese returant not far from where I staying, For our final meal together.

Today we had to say good bye to Colin and John as they headed back to the UK. Took Nic in to central Nairobi as I had to book my train ticket for my trip to Mombassa next week.

Tomorrow an early start as Nic and I are being picked up at 6:30 for our 3 day trip to Massi Mara. Can't wait, hopefully get to see the 'Big 5'

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