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July 11th 2010
Published: July 11th 2010
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All dressed up for the Spanish BallAll dressed up for the Spanish BallAll dressed up for the Spanish Ball

"Mummy, why are you wearing a dress? Can I come?"
Murrays second conference went well. We then had the Graingers for a week or so. Was nice to catch up with them, and them to meet our girls aswell.

July is upon us again, which in Nairobi means we farewell people again. This year we say goodbye again to some lovely friends (we have known for less than a year!). Brad, Rachael and their lovely kids Marna & Luke. Marna and Charlotte are “best friends”, and Hayley has just recently become attached to Baby Luke, constantly wanting to cuddle him, and nuzzle her head into his neck. She lights up when he is in the room, and is very gentle with him. It is lovely to see Hayley really interact with another child. But unfortunately these friends are heading back home for a year. We will miss them dearly, and have loved celebrating Thanksgiving and 4th of July with them. We look forward to them returning next year 😊

Murrays travel has started again, in July he will go to Switzerland for a conference, then North Sudan. August will see another visit to Haiti, and September the UK.

I am planning a trip to South Africa with some
Charlottes first day of KindyCharlottes first day of KindyCharlottes first day of Kindy

complete with princess shoes and bag :)
girlfriends, without the kids. I am really excited about spending some time with my friends, and shopping where the prices are not inflated terribly, also looking forward to having McDonalds and KFC again, how sad!! It will only be the second time I have travelled internationally by myself, so I am nervous but excited also. Also wondering, what do people put in their hand luggage, when they don’t need to pack nappies, changes of clothes for 3 people and snacks & activities for everyone?? And where do you put your shopping when you don’t have a pushchair??

Hayley is talking more, “uh-oh”, “ball”, “shoes”, “bye”, “go”, and “this” while pointing, which is normally associated with food. In the past month she has learnt to kiss with her mouth closed, much to our delight!!

Charlotte is now on school holidays for 2 months. The kindy is british curriculum, which means they break for “summer”. One of my big frustrations here, its not summer here and its not summer back home either. Charlotte will really struggle with Marna leaving, its hard at 3yrs to understand, so please remember her especially in your prayers.

Murray has been busy, he hasn’t travelled for 3 months, but in that 3 months we had visitors for over half of that. Organised 2 Conferences, finished 2 assignments, and preached at our church. Things have finally slowed down, only to have the travel pumped up again. It was nice to farewell a very relaxed Murray off to Switzerland, and at least visiting a first world country means he will actually get fed well, and sleep comfortably.

Please remember us especially in early August, as the referendum for the constitution is then. Kenya will vote “yes” or “no” to the new constitution. There has already been some rallies resulting in deaths. So please remember our family and also the Kenyan people. The security rating has increased, to the same as when we first arrived, in the middle of post election violence.

Love to all,

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Hayley and Baby LukeHayley and Baby Luke
Hayley and Baby Luke

Jealous that Mum gets to cuddle Luke, not that someone else was cuddling her mum

11th July 2010

Great to here all is well over there and we hope and pray that there is not to much trouble with the referendum. We are all well over here no winter bugs as yet. Had our first frost yesterday and another this morning. Makes a cold start to the day but he weather is fine for the rest of the day. I hate to think what our power bill will be this month as have been running the heater a lot. Looking forward to going to Ellie's 1st birthday party on Sunday the 18th. Who dose think is going to win the soccer would cup? Bye for now Robert and Dorothy.
11th July 2010

kids growing up.
Hey we had a talk on Haiti at church today! They said clean water was one of the major needs. Good to hear that Hayley is learning new words. Can you start her on learning "Daniel" now please? And Charlotte looks so grown up when ready for Kindy. She wouldn't be out of place in a group of 5 year olds ready for School!
12th July 2010

hot mumma
MIRIAM you HOTTNESS - great pic of you and Murray!!! Good looking couple! Great to hear youre going to have a child-free break away - MUCH deserved!! When youre here we'll have to do the same ; ) Loads of love x
12th July 2010

Lovely kids
Its amazing and lovely to see beautiful kids growing up. It is an inspiring process and stage in the human life.
12th July 2010

Hi! Lovely to see all the photos. Miriam, you look great, all dressed up for the ball. I hope you had a good time. Doesn't Hayley look like her Mum!!!
14th July 2010

Thanks for the update You will remain in our prayers! The girls loved the photo's of their cousin's!!

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