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August 29th 2009
Published: August 29th 2009
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We all arose early for a sunrise game drive. Mark decided to embarrass the late waking campers by video taping them and cracking jokes which I can't really recall. After the embarrassment was over we all headed out to the jeeps for our final game drive. We saw a black rhino but from quiet a distance but we were lucky to get a glimpse at something that was so rare. We drove around for a few hours and saw some vulutures, an eagle, and a pride of lions sitting on a high ledge like the true kings of Africa. After we had our fun we packed up our souveigneers and headed to the bus with our bags and I know I would never forget Masai Mara or the beauty its nature had to offer. Another lovely never ending bus ride and after doozing off I realized that we were back in the Wildebeest. We schuelded for a bus to take us to the meat restaraunt, Carnivores and at about six o'clock we headed out to the restaraunt and it was an amazing experience. It had lamb, beef, chicken, ostrcihe, and crocidile, and ham. I couldn't eat ham because I am Muslim but the crocidile was disgusting and my gut denied it. The ostrcihe was delicious and the rest of the meats were also lucious and moist. After a long meal we went back to the Wildebeest and slept. We awoke and our Kenyan adventure was over. We headed out to the airport later for our flight and made it to the plane three mintues before the gate closed and as we flew away from Kenya I knew for the rest of my life I would never forget the adventure I had here and that I may have left Kenya but my heart would stay with it and someday I might come back to Kenya.


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