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November 9th 2007
Published: November 9th 2007
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Welcome to Kenya!

I should have written a blog some time ago but have been busy here! Now I've been here for almost five weeks and am leaving on Wednesday for Ghana! I can't believe how fast my African adventure is going and am sure that the next 3 months will fly by!

I just got back a few days ago from spending 10 days in Mombasa - city on the Indian Ocean- with friends and with my mom and aunt! Um, so yea the Indian Ocean is amazingly beautiful! But the resort that Timmie and I stayed at with my mom and aunt was even more beatiful - because of the fact that we had luxuries that we have not had in quite some time! A real bed, a real shower (hot running water -- soo lovely!), a real toilet (no more holes for me!), and best yet - FOOD! It was like food from home which I didn't realize how much I had missed until I looked at my plates stocked full of veggies, meat, fish, salad, etc. Unfortunately, the food here in Kenya is just nothing to write home about - not sure what words to use to explain it beyond that its just not good! For meat I've been eating goat (they like that better than beef) - its not too bad but I'd take a cow any day over a goat! They drink a lot of tea (with milk) and when I say milk I mean FRESH as in they just ran outside, milked the thing, and brought the milk in to be boiled - the freshness of this hasn't always agreed with my stomach too much! But it doesn't matter because the lil kids here make it all worth it! They're just soo damn cute - if I was headin home I'd be packin my bags with them! They're all snotty nosed and dirty but the way that their eyes widen and their white teeth gleem through their big smiles when they see the mzoungo (white person) - I just can't help but go over to them and pick them up (sometimes they cry, sometimes they don't but I just take the chance anyways!) But they always want to shake my hand, touch my skin, play with my hair (these kids will play for HOURS with my hair)! You say "Hi" and they automatically respond with "I'm fine" - not sure why but its cute!

It was great seeing my mom and aunt, though definitely a trip seeing them all the way over here in Africa! They had a great time and it was definitely an experience for both of them (though I've been told already that it will probably be the last type of "experience" that my mother will be seeing! ha!).

It's definitely crazy being here though and seeing all the animals you saw on tv or read about in books. You really don't necessarily need to go on a safari because you can easily see a majority of the animals as you're on the bus on the road (giraffes, zebras - the horse of africa, these things are EVERYWHERE!, monkeys, baboons, gazelles, etc!) The Kenyans are super nice though and really want you to feel welcome in their country. The only real complaint that I have about this country - which my mom and aunt can now fully attest to- is the ROADS here SUCK! Our worst roads at home couldn't even compare to the roads here. Whether you're on a short bus ride or a long bus ride you feel as though you've been through a train wreck once you get off - your bones all bruised and your insides in all the wrong places. I feel like I have definitely had the full Kenya experience - riding local transportation, meeting and hanging out with the locals, traveling around Kenya, washing my clothes out of bucket (takes such a long time that your legs begin to shake and then its just pain!), and of course, who could forget about having to go to the bathroom aiming for a small hole and bathing in a bucket (don't be surprised if when I get home I don't see anyone as I'll be hanging out in my bathroom, taking very, very long showers and baths). But at least now I'm fully prepared for Ghana!

So I'm heading to Ghana on Wednesday morning, arriving around 12pm ghana time. I'm excited but my nerves are a bit jumpy as there was an incident last week involving some volunteers at the house we stay in so I'm definitely a bit more nervous about this next stage of my trip. So I definitely wouldn't mind being in your prayers during these next 3 months. I'm sure I'll be fine but this is the second incident of the year and I really have felt very safe throughout my journey so far so hopefully it will continue!

I still need to post a ton of pics - I'm hoping to do this once I get back to Nairobi on Monday.
Love to all,


9th November 2007

Miss you!
I am glad to hear you are doing well. Nothing exciting back here...besides the fact that I am finally an aunt...Ryan(my BF)'s brother and his wife had their baby in October, a little girl...everyone is so excited...she is so cute!! Now I am just waiting for that next one in March when Cori has her little boy...Babies everywhere I love it!! Well I better get back to work...so PLEASE stay safe...you're in my prayers, and just keep enjoying your experience of a lifetime!! Love you...talk to you soon...can't wait to see the pics!
9th November 2007

Loved your entry about Africa, can't wait to hear your mother's take on the trip. I've been hearing how Sonny is lost and lonely without her. Hope your next leg of your trip is just as good as the last. Stay safe, take no chances. Looking forward to more pics. Paula
15th November 2007

Your little bloggs make me smile, it sounds pretty cool but i cant say i envy you with that hole in a ground! but im sure your having an awesome time. Its super freezing here in England-i had to scrap ice off my car before i went to work...so i was just sitting there driving to work thinking i wish i was back in Egypt but its nice to be home for a bit. Anyway what is this incident your on about? are you taking the piss?! LOL jokes aside, be careful... let us know your safe! British love tina x

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