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August 11th 2007
Published: August 11th 2007
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Our hut. Our hut. Our hut.

Our hut on Tiwi beach.
This is just going to be a quick update before we head off to the Swahili Coast. Nathan and Marko finally arrived (yeah!) and we are now in Nairobi for a day after returning from 4 days on Safari. Our safari was truly an amazing experience. Rough roads and a few hold ups (our car not starting) here and there, but for the most part it was fantastic. I finally got to taste a bit of the 'African Bush' and live side by side with the Masai people, lions, elephants, giraffes and all. The beauty of this country truly astounds me. Driving through Masai Mara makes you realize how small you actually are in the world. The lion sitting a foot away from you or the elephants charging your car make you panic a little and then realize that you don't matter at all. Humans are not in control out in the bush, the animals run the show.

Last night we returned and went out for Ethiopian food with some of my newly acquired Ethiopian friends. I was a little worried at first to see how Nathan and Marko would handle it, but I think they really enjoyed it. After
Veiled girl.Veiled girl.Veiled girl.

Schools girls in paradise.
awhile they even got up and attempted some Ethiopian dancing with all of the other guys. I think I may have some photos to blackmail them with later. The experience at Motherland (the Ethiopian restaurant) is great and it's definitely made me decide to add Ethiopia on my list of places to go. The Ethiopian Millennium is September 12th...it's tempting to go and see the celebration (they are 7 years behind in their calendar), but I'll already be in New York.

Today it is rainy and cold in Nairobi. You'd think being so close to the Equator we would at least have some sun...but no. It's rainy and cold. It could be a typical day in Seattle minus the uniquely African flair of the city. I think we are all looking for a little warm weather though, so we booked a flight for tomorrow to Mombasa. We are hoping for sun, but the weather man is predicting thunderstorms. Just our luck. From their we'll spend a few days exploring the coast and head south to Tanzania and eventually Zanzibar.

Tonight is David's graduation party, so we will celebrate with him and then head to the airport at about
Friends forever.Friends forever.Friends forever.

Giggling school girls running past us.
6am. No sleep for us, but we'll manage.

More news soon.


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