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May 19th 2008
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Muriki familyMuriki familyMuriki family

We enjoyed a visit from this wonderful family.
Hello, for the last time, from Maua! It is Sunday afternoon, and the internet café is closed, so I will be posting this blog tomorrow during my lunch break. We have had a wonderful last weekend here. Thursday we had Rev. Muriki over with his lovely family. His two children are 2 and 5, and they were so cute and energetic! Tony was very sad to say goodbye to him. Friday night we went to a potluck at the Savuto’s house. After the potluck, we all sat on the floor and played the card game “Nine’s”. We are truly going to miss all of the mission partners we have gotten to know during our few weeks here. Saturday, I wasn’t feeling too well: I felt that I had a bout of flu or a bad cold. I knew that this could be a sign of malaria, so I went down to get a quick blood test just to make sure that it wasn’t that. Thankfully, the test turned out to be negative. And, since the OPD was so quiet, and it was so cheap for me to get tested, Tony decided that he would go ahead and get a malaria test,

Enjoying a card came on the Savuto's floor.
because if he turned out to have malaria later, it would be much more expensive to get the test in the U.S. His test also turned out negative. Yeah! After we both got tested, we went out to dinner at the Basin hotel with most of the mission partners. Then we had everyone over to our apartment, where we looked at pictures taken by the ladies on their camping trips to Mt. Kenya. I definitely want to hike up there, if we get a chance to come back to Kenya! It looks so beautiful.

Today I sang in church with Katherine and Barbara (one of the leaders/teachers at the Nursing School). We sang “Holy, Holy, Holy” in 3-part harmony, and I must say it was very nice😊. After church, we went on a picnic with Claudia, Katherine, and Sarah. We took them back to the hill which Rev. Hosea had taken us to last week. It was completely empty when we got there! We were so happy to picnic in solitude with such beautiful scenery. Then as we were eating, a group of young shepherd boys walked passed us herding their sheep, goats, and donkeys. They were very shy! Whenever Tony tried to talk to them or take a picture of them, they ran away laughing. It was such a nice picnic, although it was extremely windy!

I have heard from my Mom that she has been reading this blog out to her Spanish class, and Monday is their last day of school. I hope you all have enjoyed the blog, and have a great summer break!

So, tomorrow is our last work day here in Maua. I will be back in the Trauma Room, and Tony will work on finishing up the long video he has been working on. It has been such a great experience for both of us, and we have learned so much while we have been here. We are getting picked up on Wednesday to head out for our Safari. I am not sure what the internet situation will be for us in the Masai Mara, but I will post another blog whenever I can. Until then!

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Dancing kidsDancing kids
Dancing kids

The kids started dancing as we walked away.
Picnic blanketPicnic blanket
Picnic blanket

It was very windy!

Me looking out over a beautiful day.

19th May 2008

trip news
It has been so good to keep up with you guys! I'm glad your time at the hospital has been so meaningful and I hope you can relax and enjoy the safari ahead. We had Pastor Tom's retirement party yesterday at Tam O'Shanter. Lots of people attended and we all shared some wonderful memories. Blessings on the rest of your trip. -Jason
19th May 2008

Thanks for making the time and effort to share with us all of Kenya Adventures thus far ... I'm sure you will love the Masa Mara - wish we could be there to enjoy it with you. We saw a lioness with her cub @ the Masa Mara ... my goodness it was so sacred. OK ... bon voyage!
21st May 2008

Jim and I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at all the pictures. What a marvelous adventure and learning experience you have had. Have a great time on your safari and a safe trip back to the States. Continue keeping us informed of your progress. Grace, peace and blessings.
21st May 2008

Hello from Peck's!
I have been keeping up with your blog, and your experiences have been so amazing!!! What a blessing you are being to the many lives your are touching. We have been keeping you in our prayers, and are so anxious to welcome you into our Peck's family! May God continue to watch over you on your journey.
22nd May 2008

Have a great time!
I'm going to miss both of you... I hope you're having a lovely time in the Mara, with loads of animals, a nice break, and a jacuzzi? :-) Love from Maua, where I've only got one day's work left...
17th May 2012

Hello from Muriki's family
It was a very enjoyable moment with this great family of Rev Tony and Sterla.We really miss u here in Kenya and we look forward for God to give us an opportunity to meet again .Would pls give me your new email number?Blessed moment
7th June 2012

Hello Rev. Muriki! It is wonderful to hear from you. Tony's email address is I know he would love to hear from you, we miss you all as well and think of you often. We have a baby girl now and we are about to move to another state. How are things with you and your family? Blessings to you all! Starla

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