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February 1st 2012
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Feeling much better today, munching on cream crackers and feeling exhausted but returned to work this afternoon, they all cheered and clapped me as I came in the door.

The guys and gal are really good with their bandaging - they are naturals - I am really proud of them and I can see them flying through their exam tommorow, Mike and I however had a short memory lapse on slings, but we recovered - must practice those more!

If you have followed my blogs you will know that priapism is a sign of spinal trauma, it is a permanent erection – that is until the doctor can do whatever doctors do to eradicate it. I was surprised that one of the students actually had heard of this, and after the class roared with laughter the students explained that if a wife went with another man her husband would likely go to a witch-doctor to arrange voodoo to ensure that the man who slept with his wife had a permanent and painful erection!

Rest Ice Compression and Elevation (RICE) that is what we know for Sprains and Strains, even if you are not a first aider everyone knows this! Don’t they? Or maybe if you visit Dr Witch-Doctor for that good old voodoo magic you may be supplied with horse placenta, horsepower you see... well of course why didnt I think of that! Apparently one of the arsenal players used it and it cured him?! actually it was liverpool...

Then of course my favourite subject Epilepsy, I wasn’t here to discuss this with them being sick et al, so Mike ran this bit but he told them that if they wanted to ask me any questions when I was back then they could… and of course I had my questions.

So in Nigeria they pee in your mouth, in Tanzania they stick fingers up your bum, in Uganda they leave you because you are domonic but in Ghana they give you marijuana and leave you in the sun… - finally I have found a cure I think I like… as long as I am left on a beach or by a pool with cocktails listening to Bob Marley …

Lisa x

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