Watch out for that goat…we are in Jurassic Park!

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May 22nd 2011
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So today we met the chief of Larteh (where we are staying and doing our research). Meeting the chief is of course a very interesting affair. We drove into town, which was so beautiful. Larteh is located on a mountain so the temperature is about 10-15 degrees cooler than in Accra. Driving around and to the town was incredible, seeing all the vegetation on the mountain and in the valley. We got to the “Palace” and were seated. The chief’s men all came around first to shake all of our hands while sitting, all wearing their traditional outfits. We then got up and walked around and shook their hands. We then sat and listened for an hour or so. We then watched them open a bottle of schnapps (which is more like gin than our schnapps) pour a lot on the ground and then pass around the glass to which each person must pour a few drops on the ground and then drink it. At the end we were given coke….which I am convinced you can find literally anywhere in Africa, although its different than ours because theirs is served in glass bottles with a straw….I have yet to see a plastic bottle other than water bottles. We finished half and then gave the rest to the children from the village. They were so excited to have the coke and take pictures with us. We are going back to Accra tomorrow to meet the Vice President. As if that was not enough….we also have a police escort to accompany us on the ride to avoid the traffic of the 2 hour drive. I guess we are kind of a big deal here? Ohh and the goat comment was about all the goats outside our house roped to trees…aka Jurassic park style…..baaaaaa......they hang out with the guinea fowl and chicken and roosters that wake us up in the morning……Ohh and our power was out for half the day today…thank god for the wind up flashlight from rei…I guess regular blackouts are the norm here..the sun rises at 5 and sets no later than 7…..and it gets dark dark


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