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July 28th 2013
Published: July 28th 2013
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I woke up to the sound of the rain lashing down outside today. We are in the rainy season, but it tends to just rain for a few minutes every few days and then the sun comes out again. Not today though, it rained most of the morning. It was quite nice to get a hoody out of the wardrobe and wear that - made a nice change from wearing t-shirt and shorts, even though it was warm enough to. But it felt cosy to be all rugged up in a nice warm hoody.

Upon leaving my room, I found out that Rusky had somehow got locked indoors overnight, and had a) pooed all over the floor and b) thrown up on the rug. We all just stood there staring at it, until Gorka went and got a dustpan and cleared up the vomit, and Sammy and Freya mopped the floors.

Peace the dog is still missing, by the way....

Late morning, Kat, Ryan and I went to the Arts Centre. They were going to pick Shauna up a couple of small African drums. We wandered round and looked at all the stalls and little shops in the market. The sellers here are very pushy. They grab you and guide you to their shops. One even had me in a wrist lock! They're really nice people, not threatening, it's just the way it's done. They also try and charge us the highest prices, as they think we're rich. Example - 45 cedis for a bead necklace I liked. I haggles and got it down to 4 cedis, which is still pretty expensive if you ask others.


Kat and I decided to have a cigarette half way round, so we walked out of the market. at lit up, but then this man started shouting that he was going to call the police and we'd be caught. All quite confusing - I'm still unsure as to the rules on smoking here - perhaps it's just not the done thing in a public place? But usually other Ghanaians will rescue you if they see somebody shouting at an Obruni. So we went and sat with the man who had called us over, whilst Kat finished her cigarette. I was too scared to light up after that though!

We had the craziest taxi ride home ever, talk about rally driving...we stopped off at an ATM for Ryan, but her card wasn't working again. Shauna's wasn't working yesterday and mine wasn't working the day before. It seems very hit and miss, depends if the cash point has money in, perhaps? But it tells you insufficient funds, which freaks you out a bit. I have 80 cedis left for this week if my card doesn't let me get anymore out. Going to spend about 30 tonight, as going out to a nice place for dinner. And the taxi to the airport is no more than 20.

As soon as I got back from the Arts Market, I rushed straight to the internet to see the state of play with the Vixens vs MKCows game, and read back through the twitter feed for the first half. Then it was just chill out time and a bit of tidying until it was time to leave for dinner. Mavis doesn't work on Sundays so we have to fend for ourselves. Usually we order in, and today is no exception. Last week I ordered pasta with pesto, as Sammy's Auntie does food orders, and I've ordered the same again this week. Except then I was invited to go out for dinner with Kat, Shauna and Ryan, so I shall do that, as it's proper food! Burgers, chips pizza, ice cream...mmmm! I can have my pasta tomorrow 😊


So now I am back from Frankies - it was just Kat, Ryan and I in the end. The journey there was so funny - we were talking to the taxi driver and asking him "does your horn ever run out of honk?" as they use their horns so much here....he was looking so confused! But yes, apparently you can get a new horn when yours runs out, and they can be customised. Kat suggested he should get one that sounds like a gunshot, then the other cars would move pretty damn quickly....

Frankie's was amazing - I had toasted cheese sandwiches, fries, onion rings and coke. SO GOOD! My tummy is happy....then Ryan and I got 4 scoops of ice cream to share - chocolate, coconut, stratiatella and irish coffee. Yum.


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