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July 1st 2016
Published: July 1st 2016
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Ghana. A wonderful Special place that I've been to. You cannot beat the weather, beat the attractions off the beaten path. Very spectacular. And eveyrone should put Africa on their travel list or their bucket list just to see what it's like to live and travel to Africa because it's not the same as traveling and living in the USA. A town of wonderful animals as well as looks like a real safarai that's so different than you normally see on television. This is almost simliar to the Caribbean Islands.

Everyone should check out the safaris and the animals in Ghana. Those features are what make Ghana a possibility. That what makes this place very interesting.

If you notice, the Africa Continent is almost simliar to the Caribbean Region I've dominated in my travels. The two continents I've gone to are: Europe and the Caribbean. Plus Caribbean is very similiar and the people are simliar to each other. If you have studied History of African-Americans as well as Afro-Caribbean Regions(Odame Tussaint-The Haitian Slavery Abolisher), then you would know that a lot of slaves were imported in Caribbbean Islands.

I traveled to Jamaica and the people there are very nice. I cannot tell you much I enjoy my wanderlusts in those continents especially two regions like Carribbean, EUrope, Afirca, etc have almost the same features. I'm actually considered myself a seasoned traveled. Plus I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed traveling as God has given me the opportunity to see all the continents I've always wanted to see. When you travel from USA to those regions, you would realize maybe how lucky you are to live in USA and Canada but what you see in travel guides may not necessarily be the same as what you have read in your travel textbooks and guides because the sources and all can be outdated.

Jamaica is one of the most interesting Caribbean and most popular Caribbean Cruise Port in the world. Many cruisers and vacationers every year especially during the summer cruise from U.S Ports Baltimore, Galveston, Charleston, Tampa, etc.

Please if you also haven't checked out go to Saint Lucia. One of the most romantic honeymoon and lovable destinations you'll ever discovered. You got to discover Morne Fortune Fortress Fort (Known as the Hill of Good Luck) located right around Rodney Bay area. The island is approximately very close to St.Vincent and Grenandines, Dominica, Martinique, Grenada and Barbados. If you have visited St.Lucia, you are in serious luck. That's because you get the same and simliar features and environments from those islands to St.Lucia. Very naturalistic island that's the substitute to your everyday medications. You can easily obtain Vitamin A, C, etc by simply traveling to St.Lucia. You can go to St.Lucia without seeing the Doctor.

Every Nurse, under the assumption would highly recommend travel to Africa but to also take precautions. Also, the nurse would say to put sun block, etc while traveling to those places.


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