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September 8th 2012
Published: September 8th 2012
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Praise is reading a book about island treasures, black dogs and Sea Dogs. I know a Sea Lion, Sea Horse, Sea Cow, Sea Oats, Sea Lettuce, even Sea Grapes but . . . what is a Sea Dog!?

My father would ask each of us at dinner, “What did you learn today that you didn’t know yesterday?” It is such a great question! If we are not careful, life can simply pass by- one day at a time. In an attempt to challenge our family to “live conscious” I ask the same question. Thru Praise’s story book, we have learned that a Sea Dog is simply . . . an experienced sailor.

Nine years ago on September 3rd Praise made his surprise entry into this world. Some of you know the story, struggle and miracles involved to get him this far. In Ghana he has friends of all ages. I’d like to do a low key celebration but it never seems to happen that way…

Dodging work and school schedules we gathered on Sunday afternoon in our village of Fenaso. Our “white friends” drove 10 miles south while we drove 10 miles north (35 min drives). We used Praises story book as the theme for his 9th b-day party. Dressing as Sea Dogs ourselves, we enjoyed sea jello, sea cakes, sea creatures, treasure maps and hidden treasures. The party of 11 was quite an international group of Americans, Ghanaians, South Africans and Italians.

Monday brought Celebration Part II in town with most of our kids and neighborhood friends. He had quite a shock when his two best friends (Godlove & David) arrived from the village of Apebouso with their three sisters. It’s no small effort for them to come to Dunkwa so they just had to stay for a few days. Ten of us were squeezed into our little house. After sending the boys back home Wednesday, we had one day to rest before making the 20 mile trek over rough roads to yet another birthday party.

I know that I am full-up on birthday fun and sugar. I doubt Praise feels the same. Today, I look forward to consuming only food from nature that contain high levels of nutrition!

Happy Birthday and Many Blessings to all our Sept folk (Tom, Bill, Chris,
The Hidden Treasure!The Hidden Treasure!The Hidden Treasure!

Check out Almarize stance. It's obvious just who is calling the shots.
Audrey, and who? . . . )

Love, Hugs, and Blessings

Christine & Co

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Sea Pups?Sea Pups?
Sea Pups?

Almarize, Praise & Shaun

David and Godlove . . . Another great gift!

15th September 2012

Happy Birthday!
Tell Praise Happy Birthday from us. I like the sea jell-o! Neat idea! I'm sure fun was had by all! Aaarrrgggghhhh!

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