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December 20th 2012
Published: December 20th 2012
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Local Water BottlesLocal Water BottlesLocal Water Bottles

Coconuts strapped on the back of a bike serve as local water bottles. You can always find a machette to open them.
Since our return from the US last April I feel like my life is experiencing a Polar Shift.

It is bitter/sweet to think that this particular season of my life is passing. For the past 6yrs the Child of Excellence students, families and village have consumed 80%!o(MISSING)f my time, thoughts & energy. Time and energy very well spent. Now with a full staff of teachers, I’ve worked myself out of a classroom and a job. Though I am very welcome, I rarely make the 1hr drive to even pay a visit. Staff, students and I have a multitude of fine memories. Amazing volunteers have left their footprints on our lives and those of the students. Trials, challenges and new experiences stretched and reshaped volunteers, students and myself in ways we couldn’t have dreamed. When I left the US 20yrs ago my desire was “to make a difference in someone’s life”. If I never accomplish another thing during my lifetime, I know that I (with the help of many) have made a difference in the lives of this tiny village of Apebouso.

Thank You. Thank you for your interest from afar. Thank you for your counsel and
On TrekOn TrekOn Trek

Kirk visiting "cottages" in the bush with his some of his bible students.
encouragement to continue when times were tough. Thank you to those who dared make the long journey to this tiny village. Thank you for the generous financial support. Thank you for your creative ideas. Thank you for your wide variety of educational materials. The list of thanks goes on and on. Thank You! “Change” would not have happened thru the efforts of me alone. What an honor to have been YOUR voice, YOUR hands & YOUR feet to bring change to lives who appreciate YOU. On their behalf, I Thank You!

On the home front: Our family has had a dramatic change in size. We went from six “kids” down to two. All four girls have moved on in life leaving a gaping hole in our home … and my time. Kwabena is in his final months of high school. Praise is in 3rd grade and continues to home school. Kirk continues teaching at the bible college as well as in various villages. We have a lovely volunteer with us. Diana plans to be here until the end of July.

It seems these days that our time and sphere of influence is geared more
Christmas CrossChristmas CrossChristmas Cross

No tree for us this year. We (and the church) have a Christmas Cross with a Baby Jesus. This reveals the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus from birth to the cross.
toward people in town. Kirk is with the bible college during week days. Sundays he preaches in various churches around town as well as in villages. I am more involved with church activities and programs. I am also assisting with a deaf school in the next town. It is a similar situation as when I began with the village school 6yrs ago. They are few in number (about 32) and have very little in the way of educational materials. Students are happy, respectful and appreciate any help and effort offered. They are quick and eager to help us with sign language. Students range in age from 5-15yrs. I’m not able to assist in teaching core subjects as all of the students (and staff) are deaf. I hope to advance far enough with sign language over the next year that I will able to teach. For now we have a lot of fun playing Uno and Old Maid. Last Christmas I was given some sign language books. One particular book is full of cross word puzzles. Clues are given with pictures in sign language rather then printed words.

Child of Excellence: The original purpose for this blog was for school based updates and activities in the village of Apebouso. Since registering with the Ministry of Education, the school name has changed from Child of Excellence Primary School to Apebouso D/A Primary School.

Thinking it over, I have chosen to continue with this blog name yet write about events concerning the deaf school. The registered name for the deaf school is Utilization Research School for the Deaf. Sorry but Child of Excellence just has a better ring to it don’t you think? Smile. I desire for them to be children of excellence. In my next blog I hope to fill you in on what my involvement is with this particular school.

I wish each and every one of you a sweet and blessed Christmas season. For the next days our house and days will be full again as most of “the kids” will be around.

Oh Happy Day!

Until Next Time

Christine & Co


18th February 2013

Sweet Memories, Exciting Future
Looking back, the Lisbon ND USA Vacation Bible School was involved with your wonderful work at Children of Excellence 5 of our last 10 years. We have many, many precious memories! Thank you dear friends for the opportunity to know them and be a part of your efforts. You are special friends and we look forward to hearing more about your "shift" in the future!
7th May 2013

Lisbon VBS
Thank you Jeff. Lisbon VBS was AMAZINGLY generous to this little village school over the years! Donations of VBS materials, volunteers, and financial donations that completed the new school building, later donations to purchase and install solar powered lights simply amazing- Your VBS students left us standing speechless on more then one occasion. The Lord will surely reward each and every one who had their hand in the blessings. Smile

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