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June 27th 2010
Published: June 27th 2010
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The Bow BrothersThe Bow BrothersThe Bow Brothers

Godlove and Praise (best buddies) with their locally made bows and arrows. Made from sticks and vines. They work amazingly well.
A truant teacher; ant attacks, lights out and lots of noise, pretty much sums up our week in the village of Apebouso.

A Truant Teacher: Due to a family emergency our head teacher, Madam Hannah, was absent for the entire week. Not problem, Lisa and I adjusted our teaching schedules to accommodate the situation. Lisa took control of our (hour long) morning worship each day. She and I divided the classes between us for the remaining hours of the school days.

Ant Attacks and Lights Out: As the week played on we lived our nights in darkness as solar power systems in both the house AND school failed us. Thankfully we have flashlights and good old kerosene lanterns for such a time as this. During Tuesday nights “darkness” the house was attacked by an army battalion of biting black ants. These were discovered as Lisa returned home from night studies, accompanied by several students.

I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, “True Love Knows No Fear”. Our brave students (early teens and younger) told us to stay in the house and keep the door closed. We could hear them on the veranda (porch) stomping the ants off
Beautiful BellaBeautiful BellaBeautiful Bella

Lisa enjoyed a cup of coffee on the porch Friday morning. Bella came and layed down beside her. She then pushed Lisa's book over and layed her head on Lisa's leg. Being quite cozy Bella then began to snore.
of their feet and legs as they attempted to drive them back. Eventually, one of the senior men (Grace’s father) arrived with the needed insecticide and sprayed around the outside of the house. The house reeked of insecticide for the rest of the night but we were safe. (FYI these ants have a painful bite but are not deadly. We were never in any real danger - but it does make an impressive Missionary Story (smile).

Making a Joyful Noise: Lisa brought the school an amazing gift! When presented, the volume of joyful shouts melted away the week’s frustrations. She gave the school two sets of musical instruments, 60 pieces in all! To include drums, tambourines, cymbals and much, much more. If you happen to hear a racket during the wee hours of your morning (we are 4-6hrs ahead of you), don’t worry it’s merely our students enjoying their wonderful gift of instruments.

Thank you for your encouragements and comments.

Even though there is a language barrier, it begins to dwindle away as you begin to talk slower and listen harder. There is one thing I notice above all else in this little village in the
Striking Up the BandStriking Up the BandStriking Up the Band

No shyness here. They feel so free to sing, dance and play on
middle of nowhere, “These children are EAGER to learn.” They are attentive to every little thing you do and say. They are appreciative of the things you don’t even think will make a difference. There is also a HUGE talent here. You can hand out a variety of instruments they’ve never seen and they can play them. They can sing and they can dance and you see true worshiping that few people see.

Christine had explained that - “A time will come and the ‘honeymoon’ will be over then every aspect of life will seem difficult. Then another ‘phase’ will follow where your perceptions and emotions will balance out.” I didn’t know exactly what she meant until 5pm Wednesday. That’s when I was hit with a sudden wave of being so homesick it made me cry. I left home three weeks ago. I’ve never been gone from my family this long. I was missing my husband, kids, food and comforts of home. I still miss them but thankfully the intensity of “the wave” has passed. Stability has returned and I’m now able to let the experience of “life in the village” sink in. I feel like a sponge that’s been wrung out and is now able to soak up more water.

Looking forward to an icy Pepsi when I return home!


28th June 2010

i can actually see the kids LOVING the music instruments...what an awesome gift! now they can enjoy worship time even more! (if thats possible!),,,awesome to get an update on the village...their enthusiasm is really something incredibly special...stoked to hear that you have some help and company Christine :)
4th July 2010

One Month gone!
I can hardly believe that you have been there for one month already - think of you often - thought I would see another blog from today. . . . . . posting this one at Church in the morning! Love and Miss you! Take care, Kim

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