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June 20th 2010
Published: June 20th 2010
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Lisa Meets The StudentsLisa Meets The StudentsLisa Meets The Students

Students a little older then she is accustomed to but individuals so easy to adore.
I’d like to introduce Lisa Seifert. She is a Head Start teacher from Minnesota. A trip to Africa has been her dream for many years. We are thrilled to have her teaching at Child of Excellence Primary School until the end of July. I have asked Lisa to write the blog entries during her stay as she will have a “fresh perspective” on this life and culture.

My African Adventure:
The town of Dunkwa had many new sights for me. From the way stores look to what you find inside. The greetings and smiles you pass in town are so genuine and authentic.

A few days after my arrival I visited two villages. Coming from America this was an amazing eye-opener of how much we have and what we consider necessities. Village people live without such things as electricity, paved roads. washing machines, running water, overhead showers and bath tubs. I have found taking a bath from a bucket to be very refreshing. The food is very different. Some of the food is delicious and some of it must be an acquired taste from birth.

The most impressive value I have seen is the students love for learning despite the lack of school supplies. Having only a desk and a chair where does this smile and excitement for learning come from? It can only come from knowing God. This will be my memory - “True Appreciation”

Monday was the monthly shopping trip to the city of Kumasi and the closest place to order fries. After the 1 ½ hour drive I excitedly ordered my fries. Their reply … “It’s finished”. Translation …“We don’t have any today”. So I looked for other menu items. When I ordered Kababs they replied, “It’s finished”. Hawaiian Pizza was my next choice. Again I heard, “It’s finished”. This American was really bummed!!!

We have an evening study time in the school from 7:00-8:00pm. Friday night classes were cancelled due to rain. One by one and two by two the students came to the house. Four students braved the rain and walked a mile in the dark from their neighboring village. Earlier, I had found two snails that Praise was thrilled to grab and keep as pets. Soon we had 14 children enjoying them on the living room floor. The lights in the house soon went out due to a low
Singing in the RainSinging in the RainSinging in the Rain

We asked each other, "Why do kids find it so easy to play in the rain? What have we lost as adults?". We couldn't come up with an answer so ... we played in the rain too!
level of stored solar power. Undisturbed and now using a flashlight, the students continued watching in delight snail behavior, such as crawling over scraps of bread, tomatoes and each other. Study happens in the most unplanned - teachable moments.

Thank you for your effective prayers, I haven’t seen any snakes. An additional prayer request; Turn Down the Heat!

From the heat of Africa


20th June 2010

Missing Ghana
Glad you 2 are together there! I hope you enjoy every minute together and learn a lot from one another! The Lord is incredible how He works! Bless you. Greetings to the kids!
22nd June 2010

So good to see some news from you! Very happy you haven't seen any snakes! We have had one day in June without rain! Hot today though; with a chance of Thunder Storms! Glad you are enjoying your trip - keep writing and I will keep checking on you! Love you and Miss you! Kim
24th June 2010

Hi Lisa, It sounds like you are adapting well! It will be fun to read more about what you learn while teaching. Keep playin in the rain. Prayers, Jeff
26th July 2010

Mom, Your last statement about playing in the rain is so true. I find, that as an adult, we often times, are running to our cars or shelter, hoping to get there before we get to wet, yet children will play in the rain as long as we let them, just like the sun is shining, sometimes longer! I now am asking myself that same question, what, as an adult, have I lost?? There is no answer. So guess what I'm doing the next time we have rain (as long as there isn't severe lightning and thunder and tornadoe and severe thunderstorm warnings) playing in the rain with my daughter. Well, she's up from her nap, gotta fly. We all love you. Jen

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