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June 23rd 2008
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A few of my groupies and myself felt like taking a little weekend getaway up country, so I opened the travel book, flicked a page, and so we went. Bintang is a small little village, primarily Mandinka, on the south bank of Gambia. We all had a blast in our little bungalows on the bolong. I thought it might be a good idea to jump into the water straight from my porch, and it was a good idea, until I hit the oyster filled bottom with my bum. The water was deceptively high looking, which left me looking a bit like a battered woman in a swim suit. Apparently the water was safe to swim in, but I ended up getting some sort of parasite and a worm in my leg, go figure. We took a boat ride on the bolong, went into the village to do some mingling with the residents, and sang songs for the workers (which was much appreciated). When we were leaving, we realized we had gotten up there with a hired private vehicle, and none were leaving the village. Feeling stranded, we found a man with a donkey cart (a piece of metal strapped to the back of an ass), and asked for a ride to the road. It was feeling a bit like Deliverance if you know what I mean, I was waiting for some banjos to come out at any minute, but eventually we did make it to the paved road and fond our way home hours later.

Quote of the Post: The moment I jumped off of it, was the moment I touched down. -Alanis Morrisette (Thank U)


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