A Cultural Tour through Ethiopia's Omo Valley

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November 17th 2005
Published: May 15th 2006
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People organize themselves in every imaginable way. In the Konso villages of southern Ethiopia's Omo Valley, everything is close and inside. 7-foot thick neatly stacked stone walls surround entire villages, offering protection from hyenas and other outsiders. Narrow stone pathways wind between houses packed tightly together. Every so often, when the village is bursting at the seams, another wall i... Read Full Entry

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How about this for a travel brochure? How about this for a travel brochure?
How about this for a travel brochure?

Sarah trying to choke down her “local coffee,” made from boiled coffee husks with an occasional coffee bean that slipped in. If you think you’re missing something by grinding your coffee beans without the husks, think again. This guy was super sweet, and by far the most interested in genuine engagement in this village.
This guy's interesting!This guy's interesting!
This guy's interesting!

Note the deep scars on one woman’s back. This is part of the marriage ceremony involving running over the backs of bulls and other crazy antics liking whipping the women who are showing their strength and their devotion to the male initiate. Apparently, the scars are worn with great pride…but we didn’t ask her directly how she liked the ceremony. This particular conversation was about parking policy in Turmi.

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