A Cultural Bonus

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February 2nd 2020
Published: February 4th 2020
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We stumbled on a local bar/club/live music venue and not another western face in sight – this was where the locals hung out. We were immediately subject to some Ethiopian singing which to put it politely was not our cup of tea. This then escalated into dancers, women mostly wiggling their boobs and men mostly wiggling their shoulders. Then umbrellas got involved and the range of colours on show certainly showed a broad range.

While this was going on we saw locals nearby drinking wine, so we thought we should try some and picked one called Tej. It turns out Tej is a honey mead wine, in short it is like mixing mead with white wine. It is alcoholic for sure, but realistically an acquired taste.

After about 2 hours, we decided our cultural limit had been reached and headed off to bed.


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