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Africa » Eritrea » West » Asmara April 16th 2018

I had no idea what to expect from Eritrea the airport was small and old which to be expected I suppose of a developing African country that has chosen to isolate itself from much of the world, but I moved through immigration quickly and scored a taxi for the ride into the city centre. There was little traffic on the roads which I assumed was due to the early hour, but I would later realise that there just aren’t many vehicles on the roads here at any time. Here are also no ATM’s, credit card facilities or any other way of obtaining more funds so I am lucky I had the forethought to bring much more cash then I normally would. Hotel reviews on the few advertised on line had not been good across the board, ... read more
Streets of Asmara
Streets of Asmara
Church of Our Lady of The Rosary

Africa » Eritrea » West » Asmara December 11th 2006

I wonder if this naming-the-beer-after-the-city malarkey would catch on at home? - "I'll have three bottles of Glasgow please" - perhaps not but it certainly makes life easier for thirsty travellers like us; we've got enough to contend with, like tackling extortionate airport taxi cartels and getting our paws on dollars in a bankrupt country without a single ATM..... Asmara, formerly known as Piccola Roma (Little Rome), is essentially a result of Mussolini's grand plan to create a second Roman Empire in Africa.....but WWII scuppered that. The city is known for its diverse architectural styles, manifested in buildings such as the Art Deco Cinema Impero, the eclectic Orthodox Cathedral, the futurist Fiat Tagliero Building and neo-Romanesque Roman Catholic Cathedral. It also has a quintessential Italian touch, not only for the architecture, but also for the wide ... read more
Our local caff
Pastry pals
We were hoping for Casino Royale........we got The Living Daylights! Give it a decade....

Africa » Eritrea » West » Asmara August 17th 2005

3:30am. A petrol station in Assab. The daily bus to Asmara is about to leave. Our entire room, sheets, mattress, etc reeked of (someone else's) sweaty penis, but I still wish I could have slept a couple more hours. We're facing a 1 ½ day journey up the Red Sea coast in August -- following the Danakil Depression, one of the hottest places in the world - until we reach the cool highlands' spring weather. It's pitch dark, but we're already sweating profusely in the absence of even the slightest breeze. Trying to lug my sack onto the bus, and simultaneously fight with a fat lady who's taken my seat, I slip in my sleep-deprived state and end up with a bloody mess where I once had a big toenail. I will devote most of the ... read more
Up the Red Sea
Beles in Keren
Wood-carrying Boy

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