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December 11th 2006
Published: December 11th 2006
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I wonder if this naming-the-beer-after-the-city malarkey would catch on at home? - "I'll have three bottles of Glasgow please" - perhaps not but it certainly makes life easier for thirsty travellers like us; we've got enough to contend with, like tackling extortionate airport taxi cartels and getting our paws on dollars in a bankrupt country without a single ATM.....

Asmara, formerly known as Piccola Roma (Little Rome), is essentially a result of Mussolini's grand plan to create a second Roman Empire in Africa.....but WWII scuppered that. The city is known for its diverse architectural styles, manifested in buildings such as the Art Deco Cinema Impero, the eclectic Orthodox Cathedral, the futurist Fiat Tagliero Building and neo-Romanesque Roman Catholic Cathedral. It also has a quintessential Italian touch, not only for the architecture, but also for the wide boulevards, piazzas, spaghetti and coffee bars; you don't have too look to hard to find a donut n macchiato.....

Asmara was a smashing place to chill out - not what you'd expect from an african capital - so we spent our week doing next to nothing, just catching rays, getting stuck into the treats and taking it verry easy, somebodys gotta do it....

In northern Ethiopia at the mo, off to Bombay on Wednesday night, after 11 weeks on the road the beach is calling loud n clear.....

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12th December 2006

Playing football up the park doesnt change, does it? More fun in Asmara than the real thing.
12th December 2006

Send us some sun!
Good to get your update. Always a great read, although I do turn into jealous lugs, wishing I was there with yous. Anyway, the weather here has been just awful. Its been raining and blowing gails for weeks! As you will know the Christmas festivities are well underway. We got our tree at the weekend which is a whopper-all 6 foot of it. We just about managed to get it into house, tee hee. Have a really special Christmas and new year guys.
12th December 2006

hope you're doing fine, seems like it! india won't be as "japaneasy" and laidback ! best
17th December 2006

I've really enjoyed reading your journals and following your travels, making me very jealous though, not that I don't enjoy working at DBS and getting to work in this rotten weather, you feeling bad for me yet... Can't wait till your next update, have a great Christmas
22nd December 2006

Looks like your having as much fun as you planned. Now lying on the sofa for 6 weeks after having my ACL done. Hope you have a great christmas and dont have too many "Glasgows"
9th January 2007

Hey Julie!! how are you love all the pictures,hope your having a great time :-) missing you xxx
9th October 2008

poor destination
it seems Eritrea is a nation stuck in an empty pride, with nothing to show! Eritrea lacks not only wealth but character, unlike most African countries that are poor but rich in character. by the way do they have a national dish that is not of Italian or Ethiopian? just curious.

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