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November 8th 2009
Published: November 15th 2009
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I tried to get Kim's story into my blog on Kom Ombo, but that didn't work! So she gets her own blog.

Here's Kim's story:

We were given our 15-20 minutes free time after our guide finished his tour at the Temple of Kom Ombo. Mom went her own way, and Rich and I wondered around for our allotted time. When we were done, we headed to the meeting point. I sat on the side of a pillar next to Ahmet and a local man, while Rich took some more pictures, and we waited for Mom to show. Rich said something funny, as usual, and I laughed and told him he was SILLY. The local man, who I'm assuming had never heard that word before, began to say the word SILLY over and over again. The man was an older gentleman, in his 90's maybe (Rich said he's probably in his 40's due to his hard life), and when he said the word SILLY, he would laugh, and show his one good tooth. One tooth in the front, covered with a silver cap. When he laughed, it sounded like Beavis and Butthead. It cracked me up!!! And the more I laughed, the more he kept saying SILLY, and laughing, SILLY, and laughing.

A few days later we were having lunch for our last time on the boat. Ahmed joined us, and we reminisced about our time. I brought up the SILLY guy from Kom Ombo, and Ahmed told us that he is quite famous, that his picture has been in many tourist books. He also told us he was a guard at the Temple. We lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard I was crying!! Rich had wanted me to get a picture that day with him, but I was so over the tipping thing, that I said no. DANG!! The one time when I should have listened😊😊😊😊

I wanted to thank you, Mom, for taking the time to do this blog of Egypt. I could never have remembered everything we did without your documentation!!! It was an incredible and overwhelming experience that I will love living over and over again through your writing😊

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


15th November 2009

wandered around, not wondered around. Oops. Well, we did wonder around, too:)
15th November 2009

And thanks to Kim and Rich for inviting me to come on their trip. Wish Lee had been available to go too!

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