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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo February 25th 2017

It was crowded at Ramses the Second’s birthday bash, which was strange as up until then it was Hatshepsut who ruled the roost. Wherever I went it was Hatshepsut this, and Hatshepsut that. Every would-be guide seemed obsessed with Hatshepsut, more or less assigning every statue, relief, and temple to her. If you believed them that is. Which I didn’t. Hatshepsut is Egypt’s most famous female Pharaoh. Forget Cleopatra, it is Hatshepsut that is on peoples mind. And in Luxor Hatshepsut reigns supreme. Hatshepsut sounds like a sneeze to me. Every time I hear the name I involuntarily say, ‘Bless you!’ But Hatshepsut is everywhere, you can’t escape her. You visit the Valley of the Kings, go down the tomb of say, Ramses VI, not readily associated with Hatshepsut at all, and you can count on ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo January 21st 2013

This morning we awoke docked in Edfu. After breakfast on board the boat we took horses and buggies from the dock to the Temple of Horus which is dedicated to the Falcon God. Some of the horses are terribly skinny which is very distressing because they don't look strong enough to be pulling tourists around. There doesn't seem to be any alternative though to being taken to the temple in a horse and buggy. I guess it would be even worse for the horse if its owner wasn't getting the customers. Despite being off sightseeing again by 7.30am it was worth it to be amongst the first few tourists at the temple. Hussein has been really good at hustling us along so that we can beat the crowds and enjoy most of the sites without too ... read more
Edfu Temple 2
Edfu Temple 3
We just beat the hordes

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo October 17th 2012

Wednesday Afternoon - Cruising On the Nile - Kom Ombo After Edfu we are back on board and we then set sail further up the Nile for a late afternoon tour at Kom Ombo to visit the Temple of Sobek, dedicated to Sobek the Crocodile God and Horus the Falcon-Headed God. We got several more wonderful hours of sailing the Nile watching the riverbank go by and getting more pictures. As we approached Kom Ombo we could see the temple was right near the waterfront and within walking distance of the ship. Just incredible. It was late afternoon and was so beautiful and cooler to visit just as we got another gorgeous Nile sunset. The lighting was beautiful and made the whole site mellow and relaxing, no melting tonite. We also visited the Crocodile Mummies museum ... read more
Life On the Nile (24)
Life On the Nile (11)
Along the Nile (2)

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo February 6th 2012

As soon as I woke up, I made my way to the Sudanese Consulate to try once again to get my visa. After about an hour or so of beign pretty much ignored by everyone, the guy in control of Passport Administration (dressed in a suit and flip flops), called me into his office and had me fill in the form, grilled me on it, sent me into the Top Dog in there who also grilled me on my application, sent me downstairs to pay $50 (not $100 as I thought it would be), then back upstairs to have it stamped by both previous guys. After 2 hours, I had my first introduction to nonsensical African bureaucracy and my Visa for Sudan. Afterwards, I got myself some Egyptian Pizza, which is normal pizza but with some ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo May 12th 2010

From Aswan to Luxor we sailed down the Nile on 'Melodie' our baby cruise ship. We were fortunate enough to be the only group on board, which was total luxury. Melodie was a very small boat in comparison to some of the other monsters cruising around. We spent 2 days cruising on Melodie and made 2 stops to visit the temple of Kom Ombo and Edfu. Both temples have a fascinating history. The Edfu temple was taken over by the early christians who were trying to escape persecution, and for some bizarre reason did not like the 3D hieroglyphs and chiseled them off to a 2D version, they made an awful mess. They also lit fires inside the temple which has caused the smoke stained ceiling as depicted in the photographs. Again these temples must have ... read more
Life on the Nile
Edfu Temple
Kom Ombo Temple

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo April 28th 2010

April 28th This morning we were up at 6am and off the boat by 7 to go to the Edfu Temple. This is one of the best preserved temples from antiquity and was one of the last temples built in the Ptolemey period. We needed to get back to the boat as we were sailing to the next town where we would dock for the night. On the way cruising down the Nile watching the Nile go by, people doing laundry, cows taking a dip, fishing & kids swimming all the while having a cold Stella beer. We needed to go through the locks and waited for about an hour to go through. Some enterprising men in boats came around to sell us more stuff for the fancy dress party later. In the evening we all ... read more
Nile Salesmen
Sunset on the Nile
Horus & Me

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo April 28th 2010

April 27, 2010 Today is the first actual vacation day as today is a day of leisure for some of us. Of our family of 22, nine went to Abu Simbel on an optional excursion ($269). They flew out this morning at 7 AM and are planning to return by 2 PM where we will sail to Kom Ombo. So since Rick was a little under the weather last night we both slept in and missed breakfast! I was up at 9 AM and spent a great morning blogging and labeling the photos and sending them online. Rick slept until noon and readied himself by lunch at 1 PM Our day was very pleasant. I sat with some fellow travelers, swapped stories and just enjoyed a very quiet day aboard ship. Our vacation and travels are ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo December 24th 2009

Following a heated argument and a hasty departure – where I end up losing my laptop in the process, me, dad and Ivan make our way back to Aswan to try and find a way up to Luxor (or Marsa Alam which is also along the way and great for diving apparently. If we are to make our way to Luxor we are hoping to see the Kom Ombo and Edfu Temples along the way. Exclusive of any felucca travel. Once back in Aswan we make our way to the tourist office. The tourist office informs us it’s not possible to attempt this journey today unless we aim to travel by train in the evening. The buses for the day have already left. Not wanting to hang around in Aswan for the day we ask him ... read more
Playing Dominos with the locals
Inside the Temple

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo November 8th 2009

What day is it? I have no clue. Kim tells me this happened on Saturday. Our itinerary was changed, or we missed an excursion, or I’m confused, and since I am now in London, I have no idea what we did when! But I do remember the things we saw, so here goes: The River Nile: sand on the west side, lush vegetation on the right. Time to sit on the pool deck and get a bit of sun as we continue our river boat journey down the River Nile. It takes some processing to realize that we are in Africa, on the Nile. Wow. For thousands of years … and that’s hard for me to get my arms around … for thousands of years barges have floated down this same river. How different was it ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Kom Ombo November 8th 2009

I tried to get Kim's story into my blog on Kom Ombo, but that didn't work! So she gets her own blog. Here's Kim's story: We were given our 15-20 minutes free time after our guide finished his tour at the Temple of Kom Ombo. Mom went her own way, and Rich and I wondered around for our allotted time. When we were done, we headed to the meeting point. I sat on the side of a pillar next to Ahmet and a local man, while Rich took some more pictures, and we waited for Mom to show. Rich said something funny, as usual, and I laughed and told him he was SILLY. The local man, who I'm assuming had never heard that word before, began to say the word SILLY over and over again. The ... read more

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