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August 7th 2016
Published: August 7th 2016
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Travelling all the way from NZ to Egypt meant we needed to make the most of every minute there due to the costs involved and the fact we would probably never make it back there again. One of the problems was balancing taking photos with actually just standing and taking everything in. By the time we got to Abu Simbel, I had almost stopped trying to take good photos as there were always tourists in the way (and yes, I am sure I am in many of their photos too), we were always being rushed along by our tour guide and many places (such as temples) wouldn't allow photos to be taken inside (although there was usually a guard or two present who would let photos be taken if they were paid). I decided that my best option was to buy the postcards that were always being hawked at the tourist spots. Okay, some of them were even worse than the photos I was taking (!!) but some had been professionally done and were worth the few dollars I had to pay for them. But my advice is to check that the packet you are buying contains the photos you have been shown before you hand over any cash. The same goes for any other souvenirs you may be thinking of buying.

Abu Simbel was part of our add-on tour. We spent the day travelling on the tour bus to get to and from Aswan where our cruise ship was. Many chose to spend the day relaxing or doing an optional tour of a village. I am so glad we chose to battle through our tiredness and go to Abu Simbel. It is stunning and I was more impressed with the site than I had been with the Sphinx. As you walk round the corner and see it for the first time, it stops you in your tracks. I know it has been moved from its original spot but it has been done so well that the historic atmosphere is still there.


- Remember to have your own toilet paper in your pack and coins to pay to use the toilets.

- Don't be too shocked at the cost of drinks and ice-creams at the entrance. I bought the most expensive can of coke I have ever had but it was so hot that I didn't complain.


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