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August 7th 2016
Published: August 7th 2016
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After travelling for nearly 2 days to get from NZ to Egypt, we were keen get to our hotel and to get out first sight of the pyramids. I wondered how impressive they were going to be in real life, rather than on tv documentaries or in the movies. We had heard from friends how disappointed they had been when they saw them. For us though, that first sight was magical and proof that we had actually made it to Egypt. I suspect part of our friends' problem was the setting - the traffic, the tourists, the arid landscape, the pollution - which you don't see on tv. And all of that means nothing once you are right there, gazing up at the pyramids and absorbing the enormity of them.

I was far more disappointed with the Sphinx. It was smaller than I had imagined, had a large seating area in front of it for the sound and light show which it didn't seem to approve of and was very difficult to photograph. I had to climb up on a barrier to grab a couple of dreadful shots whilst trying to avoid all the other tourists. Being on a tour meant we only had a few minutes there with no chance of going back at a time when the light would be better or there would be fewer people in the way.

An American lady on our tour often entertained us all by being gullible. Her first episode occurred by the pyramids. She was trying to photograph a camel and it's owner offered to take a photo of her standing with it. That was fine. He then offered to let her sit on the camel while he took a photo of her. That wasn't fine as he immediately ordered the camel to stand and wouldn't let her down again until she had paid him!

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The SphinxThe Sphinx
The Sphinx

A difficult subject to photograph and you may be unlucky and find it is in shadow which isn't great if you are an amateur photographer.
The view from our hotel's roofThe view from our hotel's roof
The view from our hotel's roof

We enjoyed relaxing, away from the rest of our tour, on the roof of our hotel. It was great to be able to just sit and gaze at the pyramids and let all the crazy traffic drive past below.

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