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November 9th 2015
Published: June 25th 2017
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Another lazy day at sea. We changed time zones last night and are now ten hours ahead of time at home. We also crossed the Tropic of Cancer overnight and are now in tropical waters.

We got up at 4:15 a.m. to watch the Cowboys play the Eagles on Sunday Night Football. Probably shouldn't have bothered since they lost in overtime. I did the laundry while the game was on so I didn't see all of it, but it was good to get that out of the way while the machines weren't busy. When I got to the launderette, there was one washer and one dryer with clothes in them that must have been forgotten. No one else came in while I was there until I was ready to take mine out of the dryers. Much easier than when I used the launderette the first time. The laundry room is between offices and conference rooms so the noise from it won't bother anyone sleeping in their suites, and it is available 24/7. It is two levels down from our floor so I did a lot of running up and down only using the elevator when I carried all the clean clothes back to the suite.

This morning the captain came on the loud speaker all over the ship and in the suites to announce that the crew would have an anti-piracy drill this morning. They practice regularly, but always before entering water known to have pirates. There have not been any incidences recently in the area we will go through.

For dinner, we had the best meal of the trip so far. The food has been mostly very good, but this meal was excellent. We ate in Restaurant 2, the small, specialty restaurant that does fixed tasting menus each evening. Tonight they served the Signature Dinner of Seabourn's most popular dishes consisting of caviar and fois gras appetizers; puff pastry baked parmesan & prosciutto consommé and white plum tomato cappuccino soups; blood orange & Campari sorbet with champagne as a palate cleanser; lobster and chateaubriand mains; and chocolate ganache cake and ice pralines with warm amaretti for desert. Complementary wines were served with each course. We definitely want to return for another dinner there.

Phil went to bed early, but since I took an extra nap, I stayed up for the after-dinner show. Hilary O'Neil sang, told jokes, and did impressions and was pretty entertaining. She performs on a lot of cruise ships, but claims to like this one the best. She challenged the audience that if anyone ever heard her say another ship was her favorite, they should call out "Liar, Liar" on the spot during her performance. I think she is pretty safe. Can't imagine anyone from this group doing that.


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