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April 17th 2012
Published: April 17th 2012
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<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Tuesday 17th April 2012:

After nearly 3½ months of the best time of our lives, we are beginning to change our attitude to cruising. Until very recently it has all been about the itinerary, the amazing sights, sounds and smells of each destination and, of course, the ships. But now it is increasingly about days at sea. Some people find sea days boring but to us they have developed into the most blissful enforced relaxation. Being half way up the Red Sea we are still in wonderfully warm weather so the mornings and middle of the day are spent enjoying the air conditioning going to lectures, meals, playing lots of iPad nonsense, scrap booking, reading and just sitting on the balcony watching the sea go by. Once the main heat of the day is passed, we wander out to the pool deck just a few rooms beyond our cabin and lounge around on the lovely deep mattress sunbeds, go for a refreshing dip in the pool or a warm wallow in the Jacuzzi. Back to the cabin for a brew and then either dinner and a show or, as tonight, a movie. Last night we cried in War Horse and tonight we’re going to see the latest Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadows.

This morning we got a bonus snooze in as we went to a lecture on the Suez Canal. I’m sure he guy said lots of interesting things but he read his script for the entire 45 minutes in one monotone voice throughout and both of us nodded off. I think I managed to avoid snoring but could not avoid snoozing!

Tomorrow will be a very early start as we have a 12-hour trip to Cairo to re-visit the pyramids and sphinx and visit the Pharaoh’s Boat Museum that wasn’t finished the last time we were here. Then it’s lunch in a hotel before boarding yet another boat for a trip down the Nile. I have no idea where this love of water and boats came from for either Richard or I but even though we take ourselves off our own boat, we show absolutely no imagination by going on holiday on another boat and then whenever we get a chance to go on yet more boats, we do! I can’t imagine how anyone can top a world cruise so we think our next holiday will have to be something like a caravan but it will have to be by the seaside with the chance of a boat trip at least once.


17th April 2012

Hello, I\'m Bill. Firstly, I would like to thank you for Graciously allowing me to \"Tag Along\" on your Adventure. I Enjoy reading Your descriptions of Exotic destinations, the Cultures, Photos and Your time Onbard Ship. I Live in Alaska (Yes we Still have Snow) and following a Blog during the Depth\'s of Winter helps me past those days. Thanks... You had mentioned that you may take a Caravan Trip for your next Adventure. Since I started following Travel Blogs in the winter, I got Hooked and have continued reading Yearound. I have found that Many people travel to Alaska and Blog their Adventures. Some trips involve only Alaska, Some are the US proper (lower 48) and then Alaska. They describe visiting all the National Parks on the West coast and up through Canada and Into Alaska for a Summer season. Many Brits, Kiwi\'s and Aussies fly in, purchase a Motorhome and Tour around for a few months. There are So many Wonders to Experience here in the US and Alaska, and you will be Close to the Oceans for at least some of your trip to experience Tidewater Glacier, Wildlife Tours and the Alaska Marine Highway System to name a few. Just another Idea for you to Ponder. Check out the Alaska Section of this Blog and see what other travellers have Experienced or get a copy of \"The Milepost\" at your nearest travel book store, it may be something of interest for you guys. OK, thats my 2 cents... LOL... Again, Thanks for letting me Tag Along. Bill

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