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May 6th 2011
Published: May 6th 2011
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We arrived in Cairo yesterday and tranfersed to our hotel in Giza with a a traffic jam that makes the Jersey turnpike look like a drive in the park. There are no, or so it seems, no traffic laws, no lanes, and very few traffic lights that appear to be ignored. Today, we started with a tour of the Egyptian Museum then back to Giza to tour the Great Pyramid, climbing inside then scaling a ramp at 55 degrees up into the center, bent over in a 3-foot tunnel for about 100 meters, a grueling workout, but worth every step.
Thye people here are extremely nice and all, when they ask where we are from, reply "America #1, we like America". An occasional request to but poostcards, trinkets, crystal pyramids, and camel rides, but nothing more threatening. Our camel ride into the desert made us consider how tough life once was and how soft we have become, perhaps is gas continues its current climb maybe we return to our roots and ride camels to work, their mileage per gallon cannot be equaled even with hybrids.
tomorrow, we head to the pyramids of Saqqara and Dashur, then visit the ancient city of Memphis.


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