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April 30th 2011
Published: April 30th 2011
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Needless to say, Mary and I are not "crowd" people we scheduled our trip back in Decemeber for the beginning of May, which is traditionally the start of the Egypt tourism summer slow period, it just gets too hot. Then with the revoluation in January, we were sidetracked into looking to travel somewhere else, then it started to calm down and we booked our fligts in the beginning of March for Egypt to avoid the rising cost of tickets due to fuel price escalations, friends and relatives looked at us like we were crazy and commented, "aren't you scared to go to Egypt?". I often replied there are places in New Jersey that scare me way more and can't be more life threatening than driving the turnpike to work everyday.
Now it is very quiet in Egypt, they are welcoming tourist back, and the sites are relatively empty. Just two days ago the USA reduced the Egypt travel warning to an alert, and we have just 4 days until our trip begins. The only thing that scares me in Egypt is the 100+ heat, gogod thing there is no humidity.


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