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February 19th 2011
Published: February 19th 2011
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18 days later and the Egyptian people are "free"! Its been quite an exciting 5 days since I've been back to Cairo. Things aren't "normal" and there is definitely something (tension? uneasiness? something!) in the air. As soon as I got back I knew that things had changed. The trip home was greeted by many tankss on the drive from the airport to my home. The moment I got to my apartment I skyped my parents and at JUST that moment a protest was going by - the police - outside window! But really things are calm around here. Tuesday, Amanda and I walked around Tahrir. We were stopped twice and asked for our passports so that is definitely something we've had to get used to. We don't go out now at all without our passports. There are rumors that the military believes there are many foreign spies here so they want to know what we're all doing here. But overall I feel safe and I've been able to lead my life almost like I was prior to the revolution. The only real difference is that there is still a curfew - luckily, its only 12-6am - but def no more late nights out drinking stella or sitting with friends til 2 am at a cafe smoking shisha. Oh well! 😉

I've spent a few days apartment hunting but really everything is out of my price range or there isn't a lot available - a large portion of the foreigners fled and have yet determined if they're going ot come back or not. So for now I'm sticking it out where I am. We've got lots of people in the building looking out for us and everyone on our street knows us so if it because chaotic again we'll we taken care of.

Yesterday was the Day of Victory - pretty much an all day "party" to celebrate the resignation of Hosni Mubarak and to remember the 350+ Egyptians that died. We went into the crowds and felt nothing but love, joy and hope from the Egyptian people. It was a great occasion and I feel honored to be here for the next few months to watch and help Egypt and its people realize its dreams and its potential.

I'm taking one class this semester along with writing my thesis - my class is starting this Monday. As of now, they've only extended the semester by a week - we're all hoping for a longer extension or at least a longer extension for our thesis but we'll see. Other than that nothing "new" - safe and sound and trying to resume life just as it was before - its all just a lil more interesting now!

Love to all!

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I have a video from yesterday's Day of Victory but was unable to provide a link - its on my facebook page or send me a message if you'd like to see it and I can send it to you!

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